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Workplace workouts
oh now that you have crossed your 30 s , you are bit more settled at your jobs , now it’s a  high time you start thinking about good health . Exercises will keep your stamina , strength . It will keep you away from obesity , hypertension , cardiac problems . But now you will say that you don’t get time for workouts as whole day is spent around workplace   So workout at workplace !!!!
What a fantastic idea ! You earn and you burn ( calories) too. Most ot you are juggling lengthy commutes, deadlines , targets .you are so drained by the end of the day that  eventhough you know the importance of exercises you  still can’t get time n energy to actually do it !
But there is a solution to this problem . Make the most of what you have . If you can’t make time for exercises try to burn calories bit by bit throughout the day ! It’s very simple , just a few changes …
1. You burn more calories while standing so try to do as many things standing as possible . Even eating lunches ,snacks can be on high tables .
2. See to it that you walk everytime you need something . Spend atleast 10 min each hour by standing and walking around. Let the office boys rest n you Spend calories in walking
Please use pedometer Apps available on phones . You can track exact amount of calories burnt while walking . Add calories spent each hour n you will have burnt around 200 calories just by this simple 10 min walk .
3. Try to take stairs if possible at your workplace provided you are fit enough to do so . Each time you need to go up try to take stairs . It’s a fantastic cardio workout . So add these 30 calories for 5 min climb .

4. While you are continuously at your desk , try simple exercises

Knee lifts
Leg extensions
Standing push ups
Shoulder shrugs
Back bends
Side reach outs
Bicep curls
Tricep extension

All these can be done around Your cubicle  . These are very simple exercises . So even next to your desk you can  burn some good no of calories .

Also pay attention to your  posture while sitting or standing . Chest out , abs in  , back straight and shoulders  up n pulled back ! make a conscious effort to Correct your posture . Its a great calorie burner !

My homemaker friends you can also have workplace workouts . Your home is your workplace . So think about walking a lot around the house,  while children study or if you have some spare time . If you can dedicate full 45 min for workout , all the more Good ! You cab also use pedometers to count calories while walking . You can use 1 lit water bottles , hand towels to modify your exercises .

Friends now i know you are just thinking of ways by which you can burn calories . You might be littlel hesitant to try these at workplace but think of the calories burnt ! Less fat accumulation ! Benefits of sound health ! It’s been proven that those who do workplace workouts are less likely to apply for sick leaves . More productivity , more incentives !

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