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Planning a perfect wholesome nutritious tiffin is no mean feat .. We have to be good planners … Ya … We have to be … Or how else can one get good meal? Children , husbands n we ourselves ( read :working ladies, my friends) take tiffin .. Now many will say ..we get food at workplace .. Nevermind .. Just keep these pointers in mind n compare your office menu ..
Ahh ! And for that perennial problem of no time for lunch break … Pl read my post the art of dieting, n stress no more to know why its not good to skip lunches ….
Its one of the most important meal in a daytime … It can be quickest for some or on the go for some or a leisurely for some . But anyhow it should be wholesome .. Today I will tell some pointers to keep in mind while planning for a tiffin … Yes yes … It definitely requires planning like needs pulses to be soaked if planned for sprouts .

While Planning a menu for a tiffin one must consider different factors. Recipe should be convenient to make it .. It should be simple enough to make in morning’s race against time .
It should be convenient to carry . It can not be too watery as leaking tiffins are a little awkward site .
Also it should have full nutrient content in limited quantity as of coarse you can not carry too big n too many tiffins.
It should taste good evenif eaten cold ( many places may not have reheating facility).. So you see we really need to brainstorm on these issues …
Now first n foremost is plan a menu which is wholesome .. It must have all food nutrients like
Carbohydrate ..to provide you energy for entire day .., sources .. Rice , wheat , millets
Proteins .. To provide for growth … Sources .. Pulses , fish , chicken , meat, milk products.
Vitamins and Minerals.. To provide immunity ,Sources .. Vegetables n fruits
Fats .. As a energy source n required for some vitamins ..Good fats not bad fats like transfats

Water .. To maintain hydration of the body

so you can plan a tiffin with all these things in mind . It can be a one dish meal like
biryanis  , pulavs , roti wraps , pasta salads , sandwiches etc but including all food groups


IMG_7201 IMG_7202 IMG_7203

And friends when you want to plan for your kids just try and make it visually appealing . Kids are likely to eat food that looks attractive .. Try and add different coloured food , use those small cookie cutters to carve diff shapes in fruits , add edible eyes and noses to sandwiches and dosas … Small kids like these funny tricks
U can give them baby carrots , beans to munch on …

so you see .. If you remember to add all food nutrients then it’s just little brainstorming about how you twist a recipe … To make your tiffin wholesome …

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