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According to The ‘Fat Cell Theory ‘ the number of fat cells is pretty much constant in adult life . The fat cells only get bigger or smaller but can never be removed naturally . The body’s natural processes renew about 10 per cent of fat cells every year.

Remember that unhealthy lifestyle will definitely add to the number of fat cells at any stage of life . Body produces new, additional fat cells. This happens when the fat cells have expanded and have reached their limit. The actual stretching of the fat cell stimulates the release of chemicals, which signals the body to make new fat cells from dormant cells . These cells mature into normal adipocytes or fat cells.

The number of Fat Cells in the body are determined by accumulation of fat cells during three periods throughout the childhood like first two years , around seven yrs of age and during adolescence. So overfed or less active children if continue on the same path may show obesity later on in life . That doesn’t mean you put children on fat free diets .. Please don’t forget even fat is an essential nutrient !

But the good news is that active lifestyle , regular exercise and wise eating habits will keep the fat cells shrunk and their number in check and prevent obesity and obesity related disorders !

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