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Friends don’t be surprised , this ancient Indian form of sun salutation is commanding a ‘complete workout ‘status all around the world now . Suryanamaskar is a set 12 postures done in a sequence and rhythm maintaining a specific breathing pattern . Each and every posture is beneficial to our body . If done with a steady pace it benefits you as a cardio workout . If each posture is attained perfectly it helps as calisthenics . If a proper breathing pattern is maintained it helps in improving lung capacity . So you see this ancient Vedic form of salutations gives benefits as latest exercises give .
There are innumerable benefits one can ripe from these sun salutations
The most favourite one would be that its a great Tummy Tucker. It stretches abdominal muscles , reduces belly fat , improves digestive system . The proper breathing pattern also helps work out Ab muscles .
It improves blood circulation thus reduces hair fall , hair loss . It makes skin beautifuland reduces wrinkles.
Also the rhythmic motions of suryanamaskar have calming effect on mind which helps in reducing stress thus improveing insomnia .
Suryanaskar regulates irregular menstrual cycles n hormonal imbalances .
If all the postures are done perfectly it improves muscle flexibility and improves strength n stamina .
Thus suryanamaskars benefit practically entire body . Internally too it improves cardiac , endocrine ,digestive systems and blood circulation .
So friends when you do suryanamaskars in a perfect rhythm attaining each posture completely maintaining a proper breathing pattern you get benefit of a complete body workout .
I just do these suryanamaskars with a little twist . When I want to do it as a aerobic activity to burn calories then I maintain certain pace and if I want to do anaerobic exercises I incorporate certain other exercises to the postures . Oh , you can see how versatile this form of exercise is . Add to that no extra cost benefit as one can do these at home . But I would still suggest you to learn and do sun salutations under proper guidance from experts .It should be a calm , rhythmic , steady activity … If done perfectly it’s a great calorie burner !
If you have never done it before you will have to start with 3 to 5 suryanamaskars n gradually increase the number as you start gaining stamina n strength .So a goal of 108 suryanamaskars is not completely unachievable . Oh you would experience that greatest sense of achievement when you reach that number 108 ! It’s a heady feeling as if you have conquered the world !!!!! thCAT0ZWQ7