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Friends go to the mirror .. ( wear those T Backs .. Arre  otherwise how will you check ???) Extend your arms out .. Now  look at yourself in the mirror 
Do you have flabby arms ? Are there hanging triceps .. Jiggly arms are so unattractive ..

.Flabby Arm

If yes … start exercises to tone up .,hiding those jiggle arms under sleeves is not the answer… Also Do Not Forget To eat correct . If you keep on stuffing yourself with wrong Fatty foods no use of sweating it out in Gyms …

Of course all ladies dream of getting those Michelle Obama arms but let me remind you .. Loads of efforts go into it . As i promised you this is the first blog of the series about different Muscle groups. 

Arms look attractive when all muscles that make up Arms are toned , there’s no extra fat. Roughly saying to get attractive arms one needs to exercise three muscle groups Biceps , Triceps n shoulder muscles .  Triceps make up 2/3 rd and Biceps 1/3 rd of the Arm muscles . So one has to workout Triceps more than the Biceps . 

When these muscles are worked out one can easily carry off those Halters,off shoulder n sleeveless tops … 

These are comparatively smaller muscle groups so concentration exercises work better to get good results . Also more repetitions are needed to get good definition . Friends , we women are genetically blessed to not develop bulky arms by workouts . The same Arm workouts make guys arms beefed up but we ladies are fortunate in getting sinewy arms . ( some good use of Hormones in otherwise chaotic 40s Hormonal imbalances …)

The routine that i follow for great arms is

text pic

Friends these are all exercises which can be done in a gymnasium using various equipment . These different equipment  challenge muscles in  different angles thus giving  a good tone to the muscles . 
But friends  if you don’t go to gymnasium .. No worries … 
Use your own body weight , filled water Bottles, longer napkins  to do many of these exercises.Also  Any exercise which needs Arms to balance Body weight is a great workout for Arms . Many Yoga Postures if done correctly can help in getting toned Arms . 

So friends tone up those Arms and    Flaunt yourself in sexy Halters n off shoulders …