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Brochure final

That majestic dome of Sacre couer
Dominates Montmartre sky,
Those pristine White walls,
Make it shine in the dark.

With ornate columns and frescos ,
This beautiful Basilica sits,
On top of a lovely hill ,
Like a crown on goddess Pari.

Those winding steps and cobbled pathways,
Embracing the jade gardens,
Lure silkenly,
to the doors of the heaven that is Paris.

That carousal ,those souvenir shops
Those artists… sketching,
Makes Montmartre unforgettable ,
when funicular takes to the top

Enjoying the winding steps,
Or Strolling with beloved,
rendezvous is magical,
At Sacre couer by the day .

Or is it the Sacre coeur at night,
That enchants the lovelorn minds,
Such a rendezvous Creates slaves ,
of Sacre coeur’s beauty for a life.

ethereal beauty of Paris glittering afar,
twinkling Eiffel against silver dusted sky,
Castes a spell to cherish,
In the deepest of hearts .

Oh! there’s beauty , art n culture
At each and every corner,
That proclaims Sacre Coeur,
wonder of the wonders…