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Archeological site

Archeological site

Patnadevi or Chandikamata Temple near chalisgaon is a archeological site amidst gautala Forest .

Today braving the Mumbai Rains ( read.. lashing rains) we set out for a adventure . Yes … Adventure it was … 374 km journey (one way) in the pouring rains n returning by evening was a daunting task . But that didnt dither us from starting by 4.30 in the morning to chalisgaon which is near Jalgaon .

It was pouring and pouring and pouring to the point that by 7 in the morning i was loosing the adventure spirit and wanted to turn back home . But that decision was ridiculed by You Know Who ( read; Husband dear) . So we kept going ..

But the nature’s beauty that unfolded in front of us in Kasara Ghat was worth that risk . Plush green mountains, floating clouds and Peek a Boo waterfalls wete driving away the fear of lashing rains .

We kept on going for some more time till chandwad … And Abrakadabra … No Rains …. Not a drop …. Heaving a sigh of relief we crossed Malegaon, chalisgaon .. and reached this holy place .

Patnadevi Temple is in Gautala forest .. Built more that 150 yrs ago in Hemadpanthi Style just like Ellora . The way to temple is a picturesque trail in forest . We saw a dear n lots of birds like drongo, kingfishers .
Reaching the temple through a riverbed you see a nice stony staircase that leads to a
big Mandap balanced on stony columns with Devi Chandika blessing the devotees. In front of the temple is a huge stone Deepmala ( its kind of column with troughs for lighting oil lamps or Panatya in marathi ) , and also a Nandi ( as its said to be a parvatimata mandir ) .

Its kind of in shambles but one can see the glory of the bygone era with the broken scuptures , and parts of columns and walls that are still preserved there.
we didnt have much time to take in all the beauty of the lovely forest so missed the viewing of pitalkhora caves also. Theres a government Rest House which accomodates tourists for overnight stays .

So after Darshan we set out again for our journey back home . The roads are fantastic so we were very confident about return journey but it again turned scary with terrible rains after Nasik city . Anyway as true mumbaikars we were unfazed by the menace of rains and reached home safe and sound with ligering memories of the forest , temple and the ruins .