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Hey Friends, tell me very very honestly .. How many of you are very regular with your exercises ??? 4 days a week or 5 days a week .. Or .. Do you search for silly excuses just to bunk the exercises …
In that case Buddy Exercises or Partner exercises are a great motivation tool for exercising regularly.I mean it in two ways

A) you go to Gym or exercise activity with your Partner
B) do exercises with your partner like alternating weight training sets ,buddy exercises .

You can have anybody as a partner . Your life partner, your friend, your kid or your parent . Its a great bonding time . You get to spend more time with your partner in a neutral environment (Do you get what I mean!!) .
If its your friend you have the benefit of gossiping ( not at the cost of your exercise time)
If its your mom or dad its some quality time spent with them .

Being in 40s makes our metabolism little sluggish .Buddy training in exercises helps you achieve higher goals.So actually its a win win situation. You are less likely to skip exercise session knowing someone else will miss theirs too . That guilt will make you get up and get going for workout .It will make you accountable . Also you will know and understand the needs and demands of your exercise partner better . You will plan exercise schedule well in advance . You will stick to your diet plan better if you know someone is watching you .
You will be achieving better n higher goals .You can set one goal or keep one separately according to your body type n stamina n strength . But its a great feeling to share that goal achievement journey .
Friends, I will love to be your Fitness Buddy if you want to post your daily exercise n Diet routines. We can set your fitness Goals together and walk towards it.

Friends , have fun while exercising with your partner and achieve your fitness goals .