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Reasons for “No Result in Gym ”

Friends , is your gym giving you results ?? Is your scale tipping ?? R u shrinking ??
Have you ever realised that the dedicated 1 hour you call exercise is not giving results of exercise ! Have you wondered why ???

Here are some of the reasons for not getting results out of your Gym

1) You are following a set routine instead of a personal routine-
See , every body is different , every body has different problem areas so gyms should not generalise workouts . Workouts should be tailor made to fit to your body type . If you are following set routines you will not benefit from it as it is not hitting your problem areas .
Remedy – always go for personalised exercise regime , understand your body , your stamina, strength and set a routine with a good trainer .

2) You are not following the routine to the T – a good 8/10 min warm up , requisite Rest period , a nice lengthy cool down are always compromised . All these things really help to prepare your body for exercises n muscle building . Rushing through it will hamper your progress.
Remedy – dont skip any of these important parts from exercise regime ..

3) you have recentely started exercising or you are doing same thing for Eons …,
You have to give atleast 4/6 weeks to see results .. Dont expect miracles ( not here atkeast) your body will need some time to respond and show results .
Also if you havent changed your exercise pattern , it has stopped giving you resuts as i have already mentioned in my blog “Something New”
Remedy – give some time to see the result and some time to change the exercise routine .

4) You are overboard with your Post workout Snack…
Post workout if you are hogging onto calory laden snacks ,its just a waste of a good workout . What’s the point of burning calories if you are exceeding the requirement .. All will be converted to fat .
Remedy – have a light yet a power packed snack .

5) Your Gym equipments and trainers are not good enough –
Thats especially true at some gyms which have state of the art decore but not the best of equipments especially Cardio equipments . Also trainers should be well educated in fitness field , with a thorough knowledge of Anatomy n exercise physiology . They should also have enough knowledge about Dos n Dont’s to avoid injuries
Remedy – enroll at an activity that suffices all these parameters

6) You are too comfortable- that may occure if you are doing too light exercise or if you are cheating on weight and posture .
Remedy – stop cheating
So friends , this is your checklist for great workout results …