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Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness exercises also emphasize core stability.
There is greater core activation by engaging and stabilising the Spine against external force put through different movements which we may be doing in our everyday life .
In short our routine movements will be lot easier and stronger as we have already practiced and mastered them through Functional Training!

Sometimes a simple action of picking up a load from ground and keeping it in a cupboard can result in muscle pull or joint pain . It happens as muscles might be weak or if the action was done using wrong muscle groups . So when a simple exercise of squat and then overhead press is done repeatedly it prepares your body for such activities in daily life .


Functional Training is especially beneficial for older adults to improve balance, agility and muscle coordination.

So the benefits of Functional Trainings are as follows
1) Better core stability so less injuries.
2)improved metabolism so better calorie burning .
3)Improvement in joint stability and muscle coordination.
4)Increased Muscle toning so Leaner and stroger body.
5)Improved Flexibility and Agility.
6)Improved Balance and Posture.

काय आश्चर्य वाटले का? रोज़च्या हालचाली या व्यायामप्रकार असतील हे वाटले नव्हते ना? पण हा एक अतिशय महत्वाचा व उपयुक्त व्यायामप्रकार आहे .
या मध्ये आपल्या स्नायूंच्या हालचाली एकत्रितपणे मणक्याची स्थिरता सांभालत करावयाचे प्रशिक्षण दिले जाते.अनेक कोनात व दिशेने हालचाली करत असताना अनेक स्नायूगटांची मदत घेतली जाते.सहाजिकच अनेक स्नायूगटांचे शक्तिवर्धन होऊन उष्मांकक्षय (calorie Burning) होण्याच्या प्रक्रीयेस चालना मिलते.
आपल्याला रोजच्या धकाधकीत कधीकधी चुकीच्या हालचालींनी दुखापत ह्वायची शक्यता असते. काही स्नायूंची शक्ती व लवचिकता कमी असल्याने अशा हालचाली चूकीच्या होवून दूखापत होते व आपल्या रोजच्या आयुष्यात ते त्रासदायकही ठरते. हे व्यायाम प्रकार नियमित करून स्नायूंना हालचाली योग्य प्रकारे व सुरक्षिततेने करायची सवय लागते.
एक रोजचे उदाहरन घेऊया , कधीकधी तूम्ही जमिनीवरचा जड डबा कंबरेत वाकत उचलता व उंचावर ठेवायला जाता तेव्हा कंबर ,पाठ यात उसन भरते किंवा सांधे दुखतात.

यासाठी असाच एक सोपा व्यायाम Functional Training मध्ये करता येतो.. Squat करून वजन उचलने  व overhead press .रोजचीच क्रिया आपल्या स्नायूंनी वारंवार शास्त्रोक्त पध्दतीने केल्याने स्नायू तत्पर व बलकट बनतात व मग तीच क्रिया सहजतेने व दूखापत न होता करता येते.
जेव्हा अनेक स्नायूगट एकत्रितरित्या काम करतात व मणक्याचे व त्याचबरोबर शरीराचेही संतूलन राखायलाही मदत करतात तेव्हा अर्थातच दूखापतीही कमी होतात .
महत्वाचा फायदा असाही होतो की व्यायामाने स्नायू बलकट होतात तसेच बांधाही छान होतो.
उतारवयातील दूखापती व त्या अनूषंगाचे त्रास वाचवायचा हा एक उत्तम उपाय आहे.
रोजच्या हालचालींचे व्यायामप्रकार किती उपयोगी आहेत हे आपल्या लक्षात आलेच असेल.

Sweat is absolutely good for maintaining ideal Body temperature and it’s not the Fat that is melting away.

Dont laugh .. But some people do claim that .

Tell me by crossing your heart …
How many of you think that More sweat while exercising means more fat loss .. This is so not true . You will be surprised but There are actually some exercise programmes designed to be done at elevated room temp .. But they are more harmful with more chances of dehydration than weight loss which actually is a water loss .
See .. sweating is a body’s mechanism to maintain body temperature . When  you are working out some heat is produced in the body  which raises Body Temperature. This is again brought back to normal by the body through cooling out with sweat . So sweat is not the fat that is melting away .. More sweating is not the Fat melting away .Ya ya ..

Fat is lost only when it is used up as an energy source during Cardio exercise as I have already told you in classic Aerobics

Ideally while one is working out in his or her heart rate zone they will start sweating . But one has to listen to the body also . Too much sweat and discomfort are not good signs which will be seen if one is working out beyond requisite Heart rate Zone . It can be dangerous .Keeping this in mind Ideal workout place should be open  space with good ventilation . One should be able to cool off easily .

Sometimes you notice that a person working out next to you  is completely drenched in sweat and you are barely sweating . No .. no .. It does not mean that the other person is exercising better and loosing more fat ( In fact Fat is not lost at all )  n you are not … As long as your heart rate  zone is maintained you are also getting good exercise . Sweating more or less is completely genetic n Gender Dependent . Each one has around Two to Four Million Sweat glands . They are more active in males than in Females .   It will also depend on how much sweat is produced by each gland . Also a sedentary person will sweat out quicker than an active person .If the workout place is already saturated with heat ,Heat Dissipation will be difficult.Fat n obese people are usually seen to be sweating more as they have to put in more effort in the same task . . Thus sweating is not the only indicator of good workout .
When you sweat you are loosing water and electrolytes from body. Therefore one must continuously replenish it to get an optimal workout output. your weight should not drop immediately after workout as it will show that you have not had enough water during exercise n loss seen on weighing scale is actually a water loss not weight loss .
Remember that Sweat when you hog down extra calories .. Sweat it out  in your ideal Heart Rate Zone , drink loads of water while exercising and get Fat Loss by proper Cardio exercises .


Happy Sweating 🙂


Spot Reduction is a purely marketing gimmick to attract clients.
Reduce Tummy Fat in just 1 month !!! Sounds attractive , isn’t it ?? But its not true!

There are many informercials like these claiming to do spot Reductions. Every nook n corner gym or Health centre is vouching on their tummy trimmers and Thigh reducing workouts but let me tell you it is all a humbug ! It’s just a marketing gimmick to attract you . Spot reduction may seem possible theoretically but it is not so in reality .
I will give you one example so that u understand it better . Have you ever seen a tennis or badminton players with very wire like thin arms … No .. Good ! .. Ok have you seen basketball players with very wiry , thin legs .. No .. so have you wondered why?? eventhough they use arms or legs respectively more than other body parts ? No .. Infact they have toned , proportioned bodies . If this spot reduction was true then their arms n legs would be like sticks being result of Muscle specific activities but which is not seen because the whole body is getting workout during these activities n fat stores are lost from all over the body and not locally .

Earlier some old studies gave these theories of spot reductions . A spot Reduction is working out or targeting a specific muscle group to get Fat Loss in that area . But technically you have to understand there are diff types of fat in our body .Brown, white, Visceral, Subcutaneousn belly Fat.
These are many but in simple words one type can be a jigggly fat which is near skin and other is central n harder fat. Many different types have specific location and specific purpose to be there like protection, role in insulin resistance and hormone metabolism . So you see our body has fat stores which if you disturb ,body will simply take charge and readjust those stores to what they were earlier . Each body genetically has perticular fat distribution ratios which you see in different body structures like apple shaped , pear shaped some with fat on Belly or on Arms, or on butts etc to which the body will go back to if disturbed .
Now we know about fats. lets see what target specific exercises do?
Target specific exercise will build muscles in that particular area if and only if you have requisite Fat layer NOT EXCESS Fat layer to cover up that muscle and in doing so you get a full body workout.
And there are two different approaches to tone up .
First you either build muscle by exercising a specific muscle group but during Exercise many supporting and adjoining muscles work in unison, no muscle works independently .Thus you eventually workout whole body .
Secondly you burn fat … Fat is never lost locally … Fat will go from all over your body and not from one area as body will bring back fat to adjust the ‘lost Fat’.
Now you will say see u have said local muscle building .. Yes I agree but my friends unless n until you burn away that extra layer of fat on top of muscle .. Your toned muscles which are deep seated will never show … So spot reduction is not possible ..

You have to burn fat by dedicated efforts . More of cardio activity as I have already mentioned in classic aerobics will help in burning fat .
So my friends do not get misled by those wrong informercials !! Understand the anatomical impracticality in these claims … Do workouts to Get a proportionate body.. Because only gazelles may look good with thin legs n trees with wiry branches!!!!