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Do you take a rest day in your workout schedule ? Do you feel guilty if you do ?? Do you feel you have wasted a day ???
But let me tell you … Rest assured ( I mean rest … Take a break )
When you are working out ,your body is undergoing changes like
Energy stores depletion
Lactic Acid build up
muscle tissue breakdown

So body needs time to rectify all these changes . If one neglects signs from body for rest n continue putting it through regime of vigorous exercises, body will not give requisite results .. In fact it will be prone to many injuries .. will feel weak . A generalised malaise will set in … body will burnout under this constant abuse … Overtraining will not help achieving the set goal . DOMS ( Delayed onset of Muscle soreness )will be a hindrance in achieving your fitness goal.

But allotting a Rest day will bring out recovery .The Energy stores will be replenished . Muscle tissue repair n rebuilding will set in .. Muscle build up n strengthening will occur

There two types of recovery periods
Short term recovery
Long term recovery

Short term recovery or Active recovery happens immediately after the exercises ..With a slow gradual cool down exercises . It may continue for days .. I have already explained importance of cool down in one of my earlier blogs .
One more important aspect is a proper post exercise meal.Including protein in the post exercise meal will help in muscle build up n recovery. It will strengthen the muscle tissues .
Proper hydration before during and after exercise is also helpful.
Proper sleep atleast 7 to 8 hrs in the night will help in regaining lost strength .
All these put together will give you a short term recovery and minimise injuries .

Long-term recovery is usually brought about in a annual exercise regime.

Thus it is absolutely essential to plan rest n recovery in your exercise schedules to remove residual fatigue n feel fresh at the next workout session to reach your goal .