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Warm up and cool down are extremely important part of exercise regime.
Do you know the benefits of warm up and cool down?
Do you really spend first and last 10 min in warm up and cool down while exercising ???
I think many of you do workouts or exercise regularly but how many of you spend time to do good stretches ?
I had mentioned about warm ups n cool down in my earlier blog on classic Aerobics
http://www.exeryogi.com/classic-aerobics but i am discussing the benefits in detail over here.
People are just satisfied that they are working out.They say they don’t have extra time to waste on warm up n cool down . I have seen in a gym people hitting the trademill or cycles straightaway but then their bodies are yet not ready for exercise , the heart rate is slow , body temp is not up , mentally they are not tuned to exercise .this will all lead to
A. Poor performance
B. Chances of injuries
C. No optimal output
This clearly tells you that if your body is not ready for workout you will not achieve your goals.
A proper warm up session will prepare your body for workouts . It will take your heart rate up gradually .Your body temperature will go up .This will accelerate blood flow to muscles and thus oxygenate it properly .The dynamic stretches will slowly put muscles in full range of motion. It will improve the nerve- muscle coordination .This will avoid injuries to muscles. Thus one can get maximum output from the workout.
Also the warm ups are and should be Goal specific and sport specific . It will be different according to the sport or activity planned for that day . A swimmer has to do swimming action related dynamic stretches along with a general warmup where as a body builder has to do sets with lowest possible weights but in full range of motion .Thus a sport specific warm up after a general warm up ( around 10 min) will prepare your body for exercise .

Now during exercise lots of muscle wear n tear happens , muscles are fatigued , major muscle group may have large amt of blood pooled up . In such scenario if you just stop suddenly you might feel dizzy . The recovery of muscles will be slow .there are chances of muscle pulls or tears also.The answer to all this is a proper cool down.A proper cool down will be a slow activity n static stretches.

During a cool down session a gradual decrease in activity level will allow breathing to get to normal,increased heart rate to slow down , blood to circulate evenly .Removal of lactic acid from working muscle group will be faster which will eventually avoid or reduce muscle soreness . Slow n static stretches will help the muscles to recover faster .
now you know how important warm ups n cool downs are . It will make post exercise recovery faster .It will avoid injuries and muscle stiffness /soreness .
Friends do invest time in good warm up n cool down sessions for getting better output and avoid injuries to enjoy your exercise regime. Do ask me if you need help deciding your sport specific warm up stretches .