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This is about a place Luray Caverns in Virginia USA where we visited in April.
This is a very beautiful ,natural formation in the belly of the earth . There is a science behind this natural wonder about minerals getting deposited over years n years by dripping water.
These natural caves were found by two brothers in 1878 when they were out in woods .The stalactites hang from ceilings n stalagmite are reaching towards top .They are usually in limestone caves and are formed due to the dripping water with minerals .
This was a very beautiful yet Kind of a eerie world with stalactites n stalagmites forming valleys and peaks , columns , draperies in the cave .
The uniqueness and being a natural scientific wonder was a reason enough for us to visit it with our kids .We would have surely missed one of the greatest n most beautiful natural marvels if We had not visited these caves in Shenandoh valley .

Thousands of years..
dripping water ,
minerals in it
make this never seen before site

In the belly of the earth ..,
needles n columns
of stalagtites
hang from the ceilings n
stalagmites from ground
trying to reach up..

Together they make the cavern
a miniature of rough earth …
Valleys n mountains ,
Columns n sheets
looking like draperies …
all over the huge chambers

Orange, peach, White, blue n grey
splashed all over
in myriad shapes n sizes .
Mirror pools ,
Illusions of mountains
peaks below water ..
Add to it’s mystique..

Worlds only Great stalacpipe organ touches the soul
with it’s haunting melodies
all this leaves us spellbound ,
Saluting nature ..
It’s creator

Luray caverns ..
Shenandoh valley , Virginia