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Aerobic exercises in simple term will be exercise activity that uses oxygen for energy generation . There are many types of aerobic activities like aerobics, walking , swimming , cycling etc . Ideally you should perform such activity within your heart rate zone for 40 min to 1 hr according to your physician’s advice.
But here I am going to discuss benefits of aerobics .. The floor aerobics and step aerobics.. My passion . There are different and newer forms like Aqua aerobics( aerobics in pool), zumba( aerobics and Latin moves) etc but what I love the most is classic aerobics. It can be either done on floor or using stepper or a bench and choreographing hand n leg movements around it.
Main advantage of aerobics is that when done for more than 40 mins it is a best fat burning activity . After around 20 min in exercise, fat is burned as a energy source so ladies gear up for that quick fat loss !
It is done with music which is a great stress buster . Don’t think that any music can be played .. Of coarse a perfect aerobic trainer will be able to identify requisite BPM (beats per minute ) from any music n conduct a class but those music beats have some purpose .. beat synchronised with movement is related to heart rate . Thus a good aerobic trainer will take the heart rate in the required heart rate zone with help of music n BPM . This will eventually give you a good workout . A good trainer should be able to identify that ‘downbeat ‘.. Which will make you feel in tune with music or else you will always be offbeat ..
It also improves brain , hands , legs coordination like from left to right or hands n legs together or alternate , on the beat etc. Funny thing that I have seen is guys take longer at these movement coordination !(no offence)
but it really improves by practice . Also those who are more into music n dance pick up aerobics very fast.
One has to really be in the aerobic class physically and mentally … You can’t be mentally in your office or home and be physically in the class .You will miss beats and choreography sections if you remind is wondering .. Thus it’s a great tool for improving concentration .. Kids are really benefited by aerobics .
The other benefits of exercises totally apply to aerobics like good blood circulation, fat loss, calorie burner , improving cardio , muscle strength etc.
As I said earlier There are different variations n styles in aerobics now but personally I like the classic aerobics . It has a proper choreography in which you can set goals for class like Upper body, lower body, low or high intensity n many more things .
For many years people said aerobics ruins knees but that is absolutely not true . If you have proper aerobics shoes which have good shock absorbing capacity and a great trained trainer then he or she will definitely set the choreography considering joint safety . Exercise need not be high impact ( which is bad for joints ) to give good result but a moderate, safe routine of aerobics can give you better results .Continuous jumping, fast bendings , sudden twisting should be avoided in choreography.
Gradual build up of heart rate after a proper warm up ,maintaining Heart rate Zone, conducting a talk test, no high impact moves and then by end of class lowering of heart rate and nice stretches followed by cool down are some basic features of ideal Aerobics class. If you do such a perfect class you will definitely get a great workout.
That pulsing music,those swirling hands,that intricate footwork, grooving body rhythm .. Whole class moving as one ….. Oh you really have to be part of it to experience how intoxicating n addictive it is !!!!