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Millets are extremely beneficial to our body in providing nutrients abundently eventhough considered a poor man’s food . We as indians are fortunate enough to have wide variety of millets like Bajra, Jowar, Ragi, Rajgira etc. Many of us do use Jowar or Bajra to make Rotis or thick bhakris. But you may like to know the nutrients these provide .

ragi 1
This is the richest and cheapest source of Iron and Calcium ,protein and fibre . Its packed with antioxidants.
Regular consumption of Ragi / Nachni/ Finger Millet will rectify Anaemia, improve Bone Health. It does help in growth n muscle repairs . Being rich in fibres it is very effective for weight loss . Thus it is a very good for us who are on our 30s to 40 s . it is used as a weaning food for infants also .Packed with so much for good health you can use Ragi flour in many ways .
Ambil / Ambli is a staple breakfast item in my house . It’s very easy to make . I do it with water but one can use milk or buttermilk .Mix Ragi flour in some water to make it a thick paste n keep overnight. Next day morning add water and bring it to boil by continuously stirring it till it becomes thick in consistency . Add salt to taste n serve hot in a bowl . Overnight soaking gives it a bit sour taste so it is called Ambil .
ragi pejsecuredownload[1]

Some other Ragi options are Ragi Idli, Ragi Dosas, Ragi bhakri , Ragi roti ,cookies.. So friends what will be your option of Ragi receipe on dining table ??

Jowar/Jwari –

Jowar is a millet that is also rich in protein , calcium , iron , potassium n phosphorus .also it has thiamin n Riboflavin . So u can see even Jowar helps to Maintain good health .
Jowar ThalipeethJowar TikkisJowar Bhakri
Jowar Rotis, bhakris are very common receipes.

This millet is also nutritionists favourite . It’s a rich source of iron , calcium , protein n fibre . The niacin and phytic acid lower the bad cholesterol . Being high in fibre content it gives impression of fullness n helps in weight Loss .
bajra puriBajra AppamBajra Bhakri
Bajra Rotis , Bhakaris n thalipeeths are very easy to make and best way to include in your daily diet .

Rajgeera –
This is called a royal grain . Must be because of the highest protein content . Also it has calcium , iron and magnesium along with potassium , phosphorous , vit A n Vit C. this is a staple food during Upawas or fasting in India.Laddos, Thalipith,sheera are popular rajgeera receipes during upawas.
But can be included in your diet in a form of roti or bhakri .
Rajgeera Sheerarajgeera cookiesrajgeera laddoos

friends there are innumerable ways by which you can add these millets or millets atta to many different receipes. Tikkis , laddoos, cookies, bhakris, thalipeeth, sheera, muthiyas …sky is the limit for your innovation.
So do include atleast one portion of millets in your daily family diet . These are packed with body building , health maintaining nutrients . it is extremely beneficial to all age gr people in our family infants, children,old people everybody.
I usually make thalipeeth or use the atta of all these to make laddoos for my kids .
You can be very innovative with receipes including these millets .
Do let me know if you try some amazing receipe including these millets .