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I went for shopping with my friends on Saturday … Let me tell you nothing gives me high as retail therapy does !  OK  now the point is not about my high or Retail therapy … 
But there in one store I saw a forty’sh  mother in 10 yr old’s clothes  and a 10 year old girl in 10 yr old’s clothes !!!(  I hope you got the drift of  what i mean!) 
it was definitely not a pretty site ! 
So here i thought of writing about some basic age  appropriate dressing rules …  This is completely my opinion and its not an attempt at targeting personal choice but still i feel one should dress age appropriately ! This applies to overgrown boys ( read : men) too … 
keeping a target of fitting into collegewala jeans or shaadiwala blouse is a great motivation for achieving Fitness and shape but some things are best suited if fitting well . 
We as women should consider our changed shape ,i know we say that we are still young at heart but reality check is needed here …  we should check if we have knobby knees before we wear short skirts , we should check if we have dough like cellulite on our arms if we want to wear Michelle Obama  sleeveless ensembles , we should consider proportion of our thunder thighs before wearing tights n skinny jeans .. I am not even starting on those muffin tops !!!!! 
we should try to identify our problem areas and try to cover them up . Some people forget that clothes are to show you off not the other way round .
If you have a great toned exercised body “Go out and show it off ! You completely deserve to take those jealous stares if you have slogged your butt off ! 
but if not , take a chillpill and go easy on dressing … 
Some females wear clothes to establish the notion that they are really very ‘forward’ in their dressing and thinking .. But what actually they are showing is their ignorance  and naivety . 

And before you say that I am no expert in a fashion industry here are some pointers  from a designer Anita who owns ‘Sayuri Boutique ‘ in Pune .. 

Most of us don’t push the clothes age barrier nearly as far, but even a tasteful fashionista may not always know how to dress appropriately as she moves past 35, 40 and beyond. How do you know when it’s time to lose which look?
Are you a middle-aged fashionista who just doesn’t know when to quit?

The freedom to express yourself via your wardrobe is part of the teen and 20-something years… but beyond that……pllleeezzze   

Therefore please avoid t- shirts with messages.
If your jeans are super-low-rise, torn, distressed, embellished with rhinestones or embroidery on the pockets or – shudder to think – characters like Mickey Mouse are patched on, 
You’re just too old to wear it. 
An older woman shouldn’t feel she needs to show it all off. Anything below the middle of your [bustline] has got to go,we recommend women past the age of 40 not to display too much sagging skin. 
Whether it’s flowery scrunchies, banana clips or your daughter’s plastic kiddie barrettes, whimsical hair accessories are not fitting for a fully grown woman. 
Open any magazine, and you’ll see tiny celebrities toting enormous, eye-catching handbags – the skinnier the star, the bigger the bag, it seems. Well, don’t follow suit! 
Avoid these over sized bags with all the bells and whistles…charms…quilting,

When you come to a certain age Good news is that you are beyond trends.

  Here’s what Anita recommends Women should have the freedom  to wear what they want but it is always better to know what looks good on you .
Most Indian women at this age complain about rounded hips , heavy busts, fat thighs , big belly etc.
One can not  do much ( except exercise and good diet ) about this but can definitely hide these flaws. If they like wearing pants they can team them up with Kurtis that end below their hips.
For tops 
Go for smaller prints….. 
Opt for Vertical prints…. 
Choose Princess lines…. 
Women with Heavy busts can wear deep necks… 
Also play with colours.. Wear fresh colours . Do not shy away from bright colours thinking they are too bright for you only team them up with some neutral accessory.

So friends here as Anita pointed out we as women should have liberty to dress the way we like but one must dress elegantly and age appropriately. 

Happy Shopping!