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Old is Comfort,
Old is Routine…
Old is habit,
Old is cheating,
Old is Boring,
Old is useless,
Old is stagnation,

All this old is old Exercises or Diet Routines ….

Friends, Old exercises and Diet ( Read Fad old Diets) routines are biggest enemies of Fitness.
Our Body is pretty Lazy .It quickly gets comfortable in same Exercise Routines and usual Diet patterns.
At times you gloat in the satisfaction “OK! Today’s workout is done..” It becomes a habit…
then one starts to cheat in exercises…
exercises n Diet Patterns become boring …It doesnt give you requisite Calory or Fat Burning or Muscle Building.It kind of becomes useless …
You reach a platau where your weigh scale needle doesnt move a bit,Those last Kgs become a burden.

So my friens Embrace Something New…
Some new Activity, Some challenging form of Exercise, some different Environment..

Trick and Confuse your Body,
Pull it out of that Comfort Zone,
Challenge it …

New physical exercise activities bring about Different muscle groups in play. It keeps the Brain alert as theres newerMuscle -Brain Co ordination,so your brain and mind don’t wander off in La La land,It brings back the Focus.
You can acheive higher goals by changing and modifying your activities . Break the Routine.

Newer Healthier cousines and Eating Timings also Fuel your body in a better way.Try newer ingredients, newer Regional Delicacies, cook different meals..
Friends on these lines i have decided to add a new activity to my routine..
I have started swimming ( Read:inspite of being terrified of water), let me tell you i can feel my body breaking away from routine…its exiting.. its a different muscle -Brain coordination in 40s..( do you know a study states that to keep your brain young one must learn something new especially in your 40s..)
Something New is the MAntra Of Happy and Healthy 40s to 50s.

So friends lets take up a challenge to learn Something New every Now and Then..

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