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Ragi …

Ragi or Nachni is one of the millets may be a cheapest carbohydrate and protein source but very rich nutritionally !
Ragi is a very good source for all these
Calcium.. it keep bones strong and healthy ..
Iron .. maintains haemoglobin and helps to prevent Anaemia
It provides other minerals like potassium and phosphorus which help mainly in maintaining the liquid balance .
It is very helpful in keeping away Bad cholesterol thus preventing cardiac problems.
Its high fibre content makes it a very good diatery  alternative in diabetes management.
So looking at all these benefits now you surely know that it should be a part of regular diet . One can have nachni in many different forms.. make a porridge or a bhakri . We have nachni Aambil ( its a goan nachni porridge) absolutely every morning.. sometimes i add it to Thalipeeth or even to cake batter …

Nachni is nutritionally so rich that regular use of nachni will benefit everyone right from babies to older people !

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