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How to get perfect washboard Abs ?
Whenever people get to know I m a fitness consultant first thing they ask me how to get flat Abs . Those who workout and those who don’t …The most worked out body part in gyms must be abs ,people are literally obsessed with Ab crunches..they workout Abs everyday …that’s the only body part they are interested in shaping up…Yet everyone complains about adamant bellyfat . It’s very difficult to get rid off . Especially after your 40s ..

Friends have you noticed subtle changes in your body in your 40s ? Have you noticed a littlel bigger ponch on your lower abs ?? It’s all hormonal .
When you are young the oestrogen helps to protect fat in hips and buttocks as for preparation of a pregnancy . But as 40s approach , you move towards perimenopause ,oestrogen levels start dropping .. And body starts storing fat in and around belly so as it’s readily for available as energy source where actually you don’t want it .
Secondly as our age progresses you start loosing lean muscle mass … Which eventually results in lower metabolic rate and more storage of fat.
Third reason can be the stress hormones . The more stress you have .. More fat will be stored by body around belly as a combat tool .
I have already elaborated on it in my blog Stress No more.

So you see how these 40s bring about such subtle yet significant changes in our body . Now I think you have understood why we store so much fat on our Abs.

Now tell me do you think hundreds of Abs crunches give you washboard Abs ? No , nahi , nada !!!!

Let’s understand about Ab muscles
Abdominal muscles provide postural support n protect internal organs in pelvic n abdominal region . all these muscles also help in diff movements, more stronger these Abs more controlled your movements are … Especially in older age if you have strong core muscles there are less chances of accidental falls n fractures by sudden jerky movements
… What we call as Abs muscles are actually a group of 3 different muscle groups..
Rectus Abdominus- which you usually term as six pack Abs
Obliques .. Internal n external – the sides
Transverse Abdominus

To get strong abs or get good definition of abs one can do crunches but not hundreds eventhough you have perfect belly fat percentage . If you have excess fat on your Ab muscles how will you workout these deep seated Ab muscles? Its a futile effort .. first reduce the excess fat … No spot reduction possible Myth of Spot Reduction!
Then only you will get results for your Ab workouts

Now the question remains about Hundreds of crunches ….
Not needed my friends … If you do with perfect techniques and requisite level of difficulty even 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps are sufficient to give you results . Here I am emphasising on right technique or else one might land up in getting neck or sides muscles pulled n injured . There are hundreds of ways to workout your Abs,use therabands, use Exercise balls, use your own body weight, do core training… you can use combination of these.. but again right technique and right difficulty level…

So my friends have a holistic approach … Hundreds of crunches will not give you strong Abs unless you have right body fat percentage.
it’s a dedicated effort …of lifestyle change , right nutrition , correct exercise … Especially in your 40s , to get rid of that lower Avs ponch you have to have different approach in cardio exercises .. Interval training works wonders …, It’s not completely impossible to get those washboard strong abs …

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