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Love Handles …..

On this Valentine’s Day Love Handles may sound Romantic ..

But believe me they are not !!! It screams .. you have excess Fat on your sides .. I know you don’t want to hear this but it makes your skinny Jeans a distant dream And it looks horrible like a bulging muffin (( no .., no .. The real Muffin looks good .. But not you .. Bulging from sides over your jeans )) excess of Fat on your lower back and sides makes it a ghastly site . This haunts men and women alike .. Even men get these love Handles along with their Pot belly .

Basically love Handle is excess Fat on your Obliques ..( read blog post about Fab Abs). And also it’s not removed in your normal ..”100 crunches /day will give me washboard Abs Routine”… ( this routine is basically a wrong concept ) .

One has to isolate and workout Obliques along with proper Diet ,Rigorous Cardio exercises regularly . All this collectively brings about Fat Loss which is essential for better definition of Ab Muscles .

Please read my post
On Myths of Spot Reduction and
Classic Aerobics  and Perfect Abs to understand it better.

Now that you have accepted the proper Diet and proper Cardio exercises regime we can move to exercises that will help remove love Handles and give better definition to Obliques.
I follow these exercises in a circuit and increase or Decrease the intensity of these exercises by using dumbbells, Bands, Exercises Ball etc.
1. Woodchoppers R
Woodchoppers L
2. Side Bends R x 10ssions and
Side Bends L
3. Russian Twists R
Russian Twists L
4. Side plank R 30 Sec
Side plank L 30 Sec
5. Bicycle Crunches 30 In and 30 out

Here are some images of these exercises …

So Guys n Girls Shed your love Handles to get that awesome sculpted figure .

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