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Hi friends ,

I am Yogini , a fitness consultant running my own Fitness studio . I never thought 40 s will be so different . Earlier it was just a decade change but this is different , very new, There are visible body changes , different challenges , new emotional issues.
This blog is about all the good things needed to make your 40 s healthy and happy . There  is everything in it .. wellness mantra , right exercises, Balanced nutrition , my travelogues .

Hey Girls and wives of Boys (In & around parla)
… Health is wealth .. All the more good if u get it right in your area ! Forget those boring Gyms n Ill informed trainers … Join me on journey towards fitness n Health through awesome workouts with aerobics, circuit trainings, resistance yoga, weights ..with proper nutritional Diets.. to ripe the rewards like weight loss , Hourglass figure n increased stamina n strength … Join exeryogi ‘s hourlong MWF or TTS batches ! U can contact me here for enquiries & also visit my page exeryogi.com on FB for weekly Exeryogi’s Fitness Mantra.
Those who are not (IN & Around Parla) can contact me here for online consultation of Exercise n Diet charts.

There is also a page of fitness indicators which you can use to get guideline for your current BMI and daily calorie calculator will tell you how many calories are needed according to your requirement.

I sincerely want you enjoy  reading this exeryogi’s wellness mantra as much I enjoy posting it . I hope each one of you can pick up some or the other tip from this to make your transition from 30s to 50s enjoyable and happy .
Ps don’t forget to read my posts in archives…


12 Responses to “About Me”

  • Sucheta Kulkarni:

    Hi Yogini,
    This is going to be really useful . I want to congratulate u for coming up with such a wonderful thought.
    Thanks n wish u All the Best.
    Warm regards,

    Sucheta Kulkarni

  • anita kunte:

    Hey yogini,
    You are full of surprises….congratulations for the blog n wish you luck
    With all the 40plus aunties…..;)

  • Kamal:

    Hi Yogini,
    Great blog!
    Keep up the good work.

  • Radhika Sabnis:

    Hi Yogini,
    It’s really helpfull, and interesting stuff. Keep it up.
    Thanks n wish u All the Best.

  • Benifer satarawala:

    Hi Yogini.
    Great blog. Wishing all the very best.

  • Gayatri Godbole:

    Hi Yogini
    You are writing very nice blogs.
    Very interesting n scientific too.
    It has touch of your “own experiences ”
    Looking forward to new ones
    All d best.

  • Adhita Lele:

    congratulations & Wish u all the very best.Good work in 40s.

  • Poonam:

    Dear Yogini,
    Hi, its really meaningful n useful site especially for women in
    Congratulations to you for this wonderful job.
    All the very best to you
    Looking forward to some ineresting stuff from you

  • mrs.chetna sampat S-92-L:

    hey yogini,
    i mrs. chetna sampat member of khar gym (S-92-L). i really really enjoyed on wednesday as u took the yoga class. thanks for coming & share your knoledge. i also read yr article in kruti & remind me the visit which i took 5 years back. it is wonderfull article as well as all the pictures are fantastic.

    • Exeryogi:

      Thank you Chetna Ma’m for a wonderful comment.It gives me motivation to keep on writing. It was my pleasure conducting a class for you all. Happy that you all liked it.

  • Dr Ritu Johari:

    Dear Yogini,

    This is indeed a Samaritan act to gather information on such an important facet of our lives !! I am sure this shall stimulate a lot of ladies to give priority to their health now on !! Great job !! Kudos !! 🙂

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