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Empty nest syndrome by wiki definition is a feeling of grief and loneliness parents may feel when their children leave home for the first time, such as to live on their own or to attend a college or university. It is not a clinical condition.



I knew about it but was not at all ready for it when it suddenly hit me . Last year my older one left for studies and younger one got busy at her full day school. Not exactly empty nest but still it was very nerve wrecking.
Till then my whole routine of even personal  trainings was adjusted to the school runs or their meals or the special chatter time with them . And suddenly there was no need either for school runs or frequent meal planning . There was a big void . Older one being far away was taking small decisions on her own .. all this was very different for me. I used to either be worried unnecessarily or be anxious about their wellbeing  . I used to wait up for phone calls . It was all very stressful . But then i read a lot about it and realised that i was not the only one to experience it .
So i started my group exercise classes… i met new people ..
I achieved my all time peak fitness … simple things were enough to pull one out of this ..
1)Accept the reality ,
2)Engage yourself in a hobby,
3)meet n befriend  new people,
4)Share your experiences ,
5)spend more time with your partner,
6)engage in a physical activity as the euphorins  will take care of depressions,

So friends .. did you ever go through this? What was your experience? How did you tackle this?

To those who have little ones still at home please cherish every single minute that you get with them .. i know sometimes its very demanding, tiring, stressful but believe me one day it will all cease and you will keep yearning for it …
But at the same time prepare yourself for the unevitable  and equip yourself for it !!!!

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