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Diabetes and exercise :

Don’t be afraid to exercise evenif you have diabetes.Rather exercise helps to control the blood sugar levels .
When you exercise, muscles use glucose as an energy source . obviously that results in lowered blood glucose levels .
The other benefits of exercise as you know by now are Muscle gain , improved metabolism ,fat loss,better stamina and strength , improved posture and delayed aging .

Few important things that you must remember are

Consult your diabetologist to chart out a detailed medication , nutrition and exercise plan before you start working out .

Fix and adhere to the timings of your medication, nutrition and exercise.

Start with basic activities if starting new but gradually progress to sustainable longer activities.

Take care of your feet and keep a check for any shoebites or wounds .

Hydrate yourself throughout the exercise.

Have a pre and Post exercise snack after consulting with your diabetologist. Always carry carb snack and sugar snack for emergency .

Workout with a partner who knows about your Diabetes. Your trainer must know about your medication and timings to chart out optimum level and goals of your exercise.

If you follow these simple precautions , regular exercise will definitely help to keep better control on blood sugar levels . This is absolutely vital to remain free of cardiac , Renal or neurological complications which mainly arise due to uncontrolled sugar levels So friends Exercise will improve overall life quality and help you tackle Diabetes in a better way !!!IMG_7432

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