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Is Weigh Scale a sole indicator of our weight loss goal on Health path ?

For every one on weight loss battle, the scale is more than a measure of weight. As we step both feet on the scale, a flurry of butterflies enters our bodies. We get seriously anxious. We grimace at the thought of finding a number that’s too high or one that hasn’t changed. These numbers may represent a lifetime of trying to lose weight, of triumphs and let-downs, of good days and bad.

If the number approaches our “ideal,” we feel like we’ve got the whole world in our hands.

One interesting fact is that Many people that you would consider ‘skinny’ may in fact be unhealthy. They are what we call skinny fat. There is a low percentage of muscle and a high percentage of fat. So while they will appear to be skinny, they can, in fact be unhealthy.

The scale may drive our mood for the day. It determines whether we’ll feel light on our feet or heavy in our hearts. It tells us whether we’ll be in a great mood, knowing we’re shedding pounds, or whether we’ll be sad and disappointed, because the number isn’t budging.

It may decide how we structure our day, what we eat, whether we work out. It forecasts whether we’ll munch on a piece of chocolate or never eat chocolate again; whether we’ll eat a sandwich or skip lunch altogether; whether we’ll tackle a grueling workout in the evening or enjoy a slow walk.

It may serve as our sense of accomplishment, our barometer for the future, predicting hope or foretelling doom. If the number is low, we’re accomplished superstars , who can do anything. If the number is high (or hasn’t changed), we’re losers, who can’t do anything right and should just stop trying.

It’s amazing that we can give an inanimate object so much power, letting ourselves get bullied. Even if we eat well and exercise, the wrong number can instantly erase our healthy habits, deem them worthless and trigger a flood of frustration (“what’s the point of being healthy, if I can’t even lose weight!”) It can make us punish ourselves by restricting our diet or forcing our bodies to endure backbreaking workouts. But instead understand why you may not see number change and what are the other parameters to gauge Health and fitness progress.

Now let us see why you see or don’t see the number shift ?

Weight loss is a complex process involving a variety of factors we control, such as diet, exercise, activity levels, stress and sleep habits and some we can’t control, such as genes, gender, hormones, age and body type.

Your weight can be effected by different things.

If you eat a fibrous or salty meal the night before you weigh-in, there’s a very good chance that you’ll see either stagnation on the scale, or a weight INCREASE.

If you’re more stressed than usual, your body will produce excess levels of the hormone cortisol, which leads to inflammation, and thus, weight gain.

If you’re a female and it’s that time of month, then yes .

If you’re building muscle and toning up, it’s important to remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so your weight may not change even though your fitness is improving.

If you indulge in Weekend Binging or emotional eating then that can also make weigh scale number jump up !

SO instead go focusing on  weigh scale number we can determine progress by checking these metabolic Fitness Parameters

Blood Counts – If you have some medical issues and you start on Health path then your Blood counts will show improved results after regular exercises and correct Diet .

Sleep Quality -Your sleep quality will improve too ! Check if you now sleep sound and wake up rejuvenated in the morning!

Skin and Hair -It improves your skin and hair too.check if you have better skin and hair and are you looking younger ? Are you anti aging ?

Hunger _ If you are exercising and eating right there will start feeling hungry at regular intervals and a small meal will saffice your hunger .

Here are some other things which you can use too .

Inch Loss -Your weight can stay the same for weeks but you can still loose inches in that time and end up in a smaller clothing size, which is another indication of physical fitness. Just as with building muscle, getting toned and dropping dress sizes shows that you are burning off fat and have improved your fitness, so it’s worth taking this into account.

Photos- Photos can also show us the big difference that we might have achieved by change in posture and girth ! When you change your routine and start to be healthier, your body will go through a lot of changes. It can redistribute weight to other areas, alter its shape or simply get smaller, all of which can happen without your weight changing too dramatically and that will be visible on images.

So Check yourself on these parameters instead of fretting over weigh scale!

Exercise is scientifically proven to Boost brainpower .
Exercise increases energy levels and increases serotonin in the brain, which leads to improved mental clarity,”
Serotonin is a brain chemical that helps move messages throughout the nervous system. This neurotransmitter performs many functions, including regulating mood, appetite and the sleep/wake cycle. Consuming certain foods helps stimulate the production of serotonin in the brain—and so does exercise.
With setonin release productivity of a person increases.Improved productivity not only makes you a better worker, it makes things better for everyone in the workplace. Companies can get benefited with less wasted work hours and less sick time end up with lower health care costs and improved functionality!!!
Even students can improve on their concentration levels resulting in better performance.
One more benefit is seen against depression by elevating mood !
Thus we can gain much more by engaging in physical activity !

Diabetes and exercise :

Don’t be afraid to exercise evenif you have diabetes.Rather exercise helps to control the blood sugar levels .
When you exercise, muscles use glucose as an energy source . obviously that results in lowered blood glucose levels .
The other benefits of exercise as you know by now are Muscle gain , improved metabolism ,fat loss,better stamina and strength , improved posture and delayed aging .

Few important things that you must remember are

Consult your diabetologist to chart out a detailed medication , nutrition and exercise plan before you start working out .

Fix and adhere to the timings of your medication, nutrition and exercise.

Start with basic activities if starting new but gradually progress to sustainable longer activities.

Take care of your feet and keep a check for any shoebites or wounds .

Hydrate yourself throughout the exercise.

Have a pre and Post exercise snack after consulting with your diabetologist. Always carry carb snack and sugar snack for emergency .

Workout with a partner who knows about your Diabetes. Your trainer must know about your medication and timings to chart out optimum level and goals of your exercise.

If you follow these simple precautions , regular exercise will definitely help to keep better control on blood sugar levels . This is absolutely vital to remain free of cardiac , Renal or neurological complications which mainly arise due to uncontrolled sugar levels So friends Exercise will improve overall life quality and help you tackle Diabetes in a better way !!!IMG_7432

Overeating ;:
Have you come across anybody who boasts about their limitless eating prowess? Don’t get intimidated by them as, excepting awestruck glances from onlookers, overeating does more harm to the body than good.

A well balanced diet is needed by the body. Proper nutrition is very important to maintaining a healthy body and mind. The body requires over 40 essential nutrients to function properly, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein and carbohydrates.
In addition to the quality of nutrients consumed, the body must also maintain a certain quantity of food .Your body only needs a certain amount of calories which are used as a fuel for daily energetic functioning. But when one takes in more calories than needed, they are directly stored as fat in the body.

Some people overeat just to overcome boredom or some indulge in overeating because of emotional issues. Some use food to tackle stress. While for some, Emotional mood swings like anger, sadness, distress, disappointment or betrayal makes them eat a lot more than they realize.
In any case overeating brings in all the unwanted calories. The nutritional balance goes berserk. Usually these binging foods are high on fats and sugar so obviously they harm body in many ways as follows ;

1)Weight gain, obesity and obesity related issues increase.
2) chances of Hypertension and Diabetes increase.
3) High cholesterol and related cardiac issues.
4) Lethargy, Tiredness, depression and Body image issues.
5) Nutritional Deficiencies and problems related to it .
These all definitely bring down the quality of life.
Overeating or giving in for those temptations will disrupt the nutritional balance needed by the body . The body gets saturated with harmful and unwanted foods which will ultimately deprive body,of necessary nutrients . The end result is malnutrition. Oh don’t be aghast ..
Overnutrition and thus lack of necessary nutrients is a form of malnutrition.
Yes one must eat everything wisely but in moderation.
Simple tricks to avoid overeating are shown in this picture here .


So my friends always think about all this before giving in to those tastebuds !!!

Do you know that Cronological age and biological age are different ?
Your biological age is determined by how time and your lifestyle have affected your organs and cells compared to parameters of chronological age.
Factors of biological aging include changes in the physical structure of the body as well as changes in the performance of motor skills and sensory awareness.
Your chronological age is your current age in years, calculated from your birth date.
If you are taking good care of yourself with regular exercise , healthy eating , enough sleep and positive attitude .. in short a healthy lifestyle your body age can show 5/10 years lesser than your chronological age and vise versa !
There are many body analysers or Biological Age tests  which show you body age .
So the choice is yours !


Empty nest syndrome by wiki definition is a feeling of grief and loneliness parents may feel when their children leave home for the first time, such as to live on their own or to attend a college or university. It is not a clinical condition.



I knew about it but was not at all ready for it when it suddenly hit me . Last year my older one left for studies and younger one got busy at her full day school. Not exactly empty nest but still it was very nerve wrecking.
Till then my whole routine of even personal  trainings was adjusted to the school runs or their meals or the special chatter time with them . And suddenly there was no need either for school runs or frequent meal planning . There was a big void . Older one being far away was taking small decisions on her own .. all this was very different for me. I used to either be worried unnecessarily or be anxious about their wellbeing  . I used to wait up for phone calls . It was all very stressful . But then i read a lot about it and realised that i was not the only one to experience it .
So i started my group exercise classes… i met new people ..
I achieved my all time peak fitness … simple things were enough to pull one out of this ..
1)Accept the reality ,
2)Engage yourself in a hobby,
3)meet n befriend  new people,
4)Share your experiences ,
5)spend more time with your partner,
6)engage in a physical activity as the euphorins  will take care of depressions,

So friends .. did you ever go through this? What was your experience? How did you tackle this?

To those who have little ones still at home please cherish every single minute that you get with them .. i know sometimes its very demanding, tiring, stressful but believe me one day it will all cease and you will keep yearning for it …
But at the same time prepare yourself for the unevitable  and equip yourself for it !!!!


Exeryogi’s Mantra ;

Exactly 21 years ago i had met with an accident which may have crippled me for life … it took me 6 months (literally) to get back on my feet …

The biggest lesson i learnt through that episode was ‘life is too precious to take it for granted ‘… After that i worked hard to cherish and nurture the best gift given by god ‘Healthy Body ‘.

God has blessed everyone with a wonderful body and mind . He made it so perfect !
Lets work to keep it that way .
Let us make healthy lifestyle choices!!!

PCOS …..

Yesterday my teenage daughter happened to mention that many girls from her class are suffering from PCOS Or Polycystic  Ovary Syndrome ! many of her friends were showing one or many these symptoms . Almost 1 in 10-15 girls suffers with this .

PCOS is characterized by high levels of androgens (male hormones such as testosterone) from the ovary and is associated with insulin resistance. Small cysts called poly cysts usually, but not always, surround the ovaries and appear like a strand of pearls on an ultrasound examination. The cysts develop from hormonal imbalances.

Most women with PCOS have some level of insulin resistance and will experience weight gain in the abdomen, have difficulties losing weight, feel intense cravings for carbohydrates, and experience hypoglycemic episodes.

Signs and symptoms of PCOS usually appear at the onset of puberty when there’s a normal increase in insulin levels as part of human development. PCOS is linked to the development of chronic diseases later in life such as the metabolic syndrome type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and endometrial cancer, so early recognition and treatment are critical to prevent these conditions. Because most adult women with PCOS aren’t diagnosed until after seeking help with infertility, early detection in adolescence could prevent financial and emotional hardships down the road.

Many of the signs and symptoms of PCOS can be detrimental to a young woman’s body image, particularly weight gain, excessive hair growth on the face and body, dirty looking patches on the skin called acanthosis nigricans (all of which are clinical markers of hyperinsulinemia), and acne.

Such symptoms can negatively impact the emotional health of adolescents at a time when self-image is developing. In addition, mood disorders are common among adolescent girls with PCOS.Such disorders typically stem from hormonal imbalances or struggles with body image. Not surprisingly, many girls with PCOS suffer from eating disorders as they attempt to manage their out-of-control weight gain, mood, and body image issues.

But a good news is that healthy life style comprising of right diet and regular exercise is the first line of management for PCOS along with prescribed medication.

Low Glycemic Index Diet helps with better insulin sensitivity and better menstrual regularity . Eating of complete mini meals at Regular intervals , limited portion size , avoiding simple sugars and junk food all these help towards better management of PCOS .

Omega-3 fatty acids—including alpha-linolenic acid, EPA, and DHA—are beneficial to women with PCOS because they can reduce insulin and triglyceride levels and aid in regulating hormone levels.Such foods include fatty types of fish or fish oil supplements, nuts, flax, and olive and canola oils.

Adequate protein in diet is also very essential .

One of the main ways that exercise seems to help PCOS is the way in which it helps to manage glucose and insulin. Exercise causes glucose to be taken from the blood and moved into the muscles, lowering the need for insulin at that time and improving the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Remember that if we can manage insulin, we are better able to manage testosterone, the cause of a lot of our PCOS symptoms.

So friends if you come across any girl or woman suffering from PCOS she will definitely be benefited by regular exercise, right diet !!!!!


According to The ‘Fat Cell Theory ‘ the number of fat cells is pretty much constant in adult life . The fat cells only get bigger or smaller but can never be removed naturally . The body’s natural processes renew about 10 per cent of fat cells every year.

Remember that unhealthy lifestyle will definitely add to the number of fat cells at any stage of life . Body produces new, additional fat cells. This happens when the fat cells have expanded and have reached their limit. The actual stretching of the fat cell stimulates the release of chemicals, which signals the body to make new fat cells from dormant cells . These cells mature into normal adipocytes or fat cells.

The number of Fat Cells in the body are determined by accumulation of fat cells during three periods throughout the childhood like first two years , around seven yrs of age and during adolescence. So overfed or less active children if continue on the same path may show obesity later on in life . That doesn’t mean you put children on fat free diets .. Please don’t forget even fat is an essential nutrient !

But the good news is that active lifestyle , regular exercise and wise eating habits will keep the fat cells shrunk and their number in check and prevent obesity and obesity related disorders !

Friends …

Did you know that even nails are affected by hormonal changes ?  Even your hands start showing signs of aging.

Dr Kavita Seth from Kavi’s nail spa who is a nail care expert to many of the big Bollywood stars answered few of my questions and here is what she had to say !
Are there any changes happening in 40s to the nails?
Yes to some extent… Age is related to hormonal problems, dietic issues or any disease or illness..which do reflect on the nails too.
How do you prevent it ?
If it is related to health issues firstly then that needs to be corrected…. Like calcium or vitamin deficiencies
Too much washing hands with soap too can cause brittle nails and dryness
Post pregnancies and neglecting nail care can pose problems with nails post 40 yrs.

Here’s  what you should always remember to do…

For dryness and too much dead skin or dry cuticles please use cuticle oils and cuticle remover creams..Massage gently your hands atleast once or twice a week.Applying moisturizer is essential!

Is there any specific care that needs to b taken to avoid it ? And from what age?
Every age needs nail care not only when u turn 40…

Can you reverse the damage?
Most of the damages are reversible so no need to panic.
So if care taken it should be reversible .
Are the nails affected in 50s n what care can be taken ?Does Menopause affect nails?

Yes it’s again the harmonal changes because of which calcium depletion, dryness sets in .so again taking really good care and regular hand care regime is necessary!

What is the concept of Kavi’s nail care ?

Kavis nail care is a nail salon only where we take care of hands and feet … Not only nails
We do manicures, pedicures, Spa , nail extensions, treatment for nail biters and nail art


As you can see friends hands that care for others need special care too !



Fat myths busted….
This almost got me killed … And By God its a real incidence!

Imagine s Steam Room . I was in that steam room . One Auntie walked in . At first we couldn’t see each other through the mist of steam … Then slowly our eyes adjusted to the surroundings . Suddenly that auntie poured eucalyptus oil everywhere almost to choke me to death and made a statement .
Now that surely killed me ….
the fitness trainer in me almost died …
She said eucalyptus oil and steam both release out the mucous which is actually a Fat and by removing that mucous through nose …
she will get Weight Loss ……,,
Now that’s something  ….

That day I noticed a peculiar thing . A daughter and a mother duo passed me at the swimming pool. The daughter  was a teenager and the mother in her 40 s .  The daughter looked exactly like her mother but one big difference was ( no no i am not talking about the Teenage benefits of beautiful skin ,lustrous hair , tight muscled body )  …..posture . One may get blemish free skin , Fab figure but bad posture will take that all away  … 

It made me wonder what has changed over years ? Were we too busy to even look at ourselves in mirror and notice these small changes creeping in  ? Did we neglect ourselves till it became a postural problem ? Here we must correct and remind our kids of good posture habits so that they don’t face the same problems later.
Do you know we should not blame ourselves entirely . As we start aging our body starts to go back to foetal posture  and wrong postural habits over the years add to it . Shoulders start rounding , chest turning in . Then the consequences will be low self esteem , joint pains , low flexibility , greater risks of injuries . 

So we must do a conscious effort to correct our posture . Yes it will be an effort at first ( Added advantage is whenever you make any effort you automatically burn calories ) … So to avoid bad posture problems one must take these pains . In fact we must sit without any support . It seems  impossible when ever engulfing  sofas and mattresses are inviting us but sitting without supports teaches and reminds our muscles and joints to do what they are meant to do . 

We must remind ourselves to pull our shoulders back and down. We must remember to keep chest out and Abs in . When i take classes i constantly tell my clients to check these . A constant reminder helps to realign  the joints and give a injury free good workout . 
You or your trainer must identify your postural flaws . If you do that then its easy to strengthen that muscle area. Bad posture is just some muscle weakening or contracting more out of bad  postural habits. 
To achieve good upper body posture one must strengthen chest , back and shoulder muscles . 
To avoid excess pelvic tilt one must strengthen Abdominal and lower back and Leg muscles. 

Reducing Abdominal Fat is also important . You must check your waistline.Excess Belly fat also gives bad posture . It puts strain on your lower back muscles . Good cardio exercises will help to burn excess fat .Our Latin Ballroom Dance classes made us realise the importance of Good posture. when we practice in front of the mirror we constantly correct ourselves .( Read; me n husband dear) . Good posture gives nice lines to the dance. 
Apart from Dancing and Cardio one more good  exercise option will be Core Training . A strong Core leads to a good posture . 
Resistance training is also helpful . Exercises with weights and Bands really help in strengthening the muscles .

So ladies …. Don’t let the age related posture problems creep on you .   , Hold your head high , chest out , abs  tucked in ,pull shoulders back  and


I went for shopping with my friends on Saturday … Let me tell you nothing gives me high as retail therapy does !  OK  now the point is not about my high or Retail therapy … 
But there in one store I saw a forty’sh  mother in 10 yr old’s clothes  and a 10 year old girl in 10 yr old’s clothes !!!(  I hope you got the drift of  what i mean!) 
it was definitely not a pretty site ! 
So here i thought of writing about some basic age  appropriate dressing rules …  This is completely my opinion and its not an attempt at targeting personal choice but still i feel one should dress age appropriately ! This applies to overgrown boys ( read : men) too … 
keeping a target of fitting into collegewala jeans or shaadiwala blouse is a great motivation for achieving Fitness and shape but some things are best suited if fitting well . 
We as women should consider our changed shape ,i know we say that we are still young at heart but reality check is needed here …  we should check if we have knobby knees before we wear short skirts , we should check if we have dough like cellulite on our arms if we want to wear Michelle Obama  sleeveless ensembles , we should consider proportion of our thunder thighs before wearing tights n skinny jeans .. I am not even starting on those muffin tops !!!!! 
we should try to identify our problem areas and try to cover them up . Some people forget that clothes are to show you off not the other way round .
If you have a great toned exercised body “Go out and show it off ! You completely deserve to take those jealous stares if you have slogged your butt off ! 
but if not , take a chillpill and go easy on dressing … 
Some females wear clothes to establish the notion that they are really very ‘forward’ in their dressing and thinking .. But what actually they are showing is their ignorance  and naivety . 

And before you say that I am no expert in a fashion industry here are some pointers  from a designer Anita who owns ‘Sayuri Boutique ‘ in Pune .. 

Most of us don’t push the clothes age barrier nearly as far, but even a tasteful fashionista may not always know how to dress appropriately as she moves past 35, 40 and beyond. How do you know when it’s time to lose which look?
Are you a middle-aged fashionista who just doesn’t know when to quit?

The freedom to express yourself via your wardrobe is part of the teen and 20-something years… but beyond that……pllleeezzze   

Therefore please avoid t- shirts with messages.
If your jeans are super-low-rise, torn, distressed, embellished with rhinestones or embroidery on the pockets or – shudder to think – characters like Mickey Mouse are patched on, 
You’re just too old to wear it. 
An older woman shouldn’t feel she needs to show it all off. Anything below the middle of your [bustline] has got to go,we recommend women past the age of 40 not to display too much sagging skin. 
Whether it’s flowery scrunchies, banana clips or your daughter’s plastic kiddie barrettes, whimsical hair accessories are not fitting for a fully grown woman. 
Open any magazine, and you’ll see tiny celebrities toting enormous, eye-catching handbags – the skinnier the star, the bigger the bag, it seems. Well, don’t follow suit! 
Avoid these over sized bags with all the bells and whistles…charms…quilting,

When you come to a certain age Good news is that you are beyond trends.

  Here’s what Anita recommends Women should have the freedom  to wear what they want but it is always better to know what looks good on you .
Most Indian women at this age complain about rounded hips , heavy busts, fat thighs , big belly etc.
One can not  do much ( except exercise and good diet ) about this but can definitely hide these flaws. If they like wearing pants they can team them up with Kurtis that end below their hips.
For tops 
Go for smaller prints….. 
Opt for Vertical prints…. 
Choose Princess lines…. 
Women with Heavy busts can wear deep necks… 
Also play with colours.. Wear fresh colours . Do not shy away from bright colours thinking they are too bright for you only team them up with some neutral accessory.

So friends here as Anita pointed out we as women should have liberty to dress the way we like but one must dress elegantly and age appropriately. 

Happy Shopping!

Its een a YEAR!

Hi Friends , i am very happy and proud to tell you that my blog is completing a year today . It started at a point in my life when i felt i am the only one who is suffering through Hormone imbalances , newer physical difficulties and emotional issues all thanks to those Formidable 40s .. But as you all started reading it and giving me feed backs i realized i am not the only one who is facing formidable 40 s , each is battling this in their own way … Some had already faced Menopause , some had to go Hysterectomies or some have even gone through unwanted pregnancies … But its still a very beautiful time in our lives where we are still YOUNG yet relatively settled in our lives emotionally and Financially … So friend thanks a lot to you all who made me realise i am not alone … I tried to write about the issues which i went through …
Now the most important part … 
First i am immensely thankful to my Husband who coaxed me into writing a blog and reminds me time and again that i have not posted for a while…
To my lovely daughters who critique and inspire me to write … 
My In- Laws and my parents for blessing me .. ( let me tell you my MIL is the highly conscious and particular about  her Diet and Health checkups n habits )
To Rupak who designed my beautiful website 
To Rishi for Hosting it 
To all u friends who have liked and shared and commented on my posts …. 


Low Haemoglobin and Anemia are very common in females especially in their 40s .
Last week my cousin was complaining of Fatigue and shortness of Breath for which Doctor made her do blood works which showed Iron Deficiency Anemia . It got me thinking about you all who should be aware of this common problem . 
Anemia is usually defined as a decrease in amount of red blood cells (RBCs) or the amount of hemoglobin in the blood(Haemoglobin is a metalloptotein which carries oxygen . )
It can be roughly divided into 
1) Anemia due to Blood Loss
2) Anemia due to less blood formation mostly Dietary faults
3) Anemia due to destruction of RBC s.
You may have come across some terms like Thalassemia, Sickle cell Anemia , Pernicious Anemia etc but Friends here i will discuss only  diet related Anemia which is common in ladies and especially vegetarians . 
Its also called Iron Deficiency Anemia . 
Iron-deficiency anemia (or iron-deficiency anemia) is a common anemia (low red blood cell or hemoglobin levels) caused by insufficient dietary intake and absorption of iron, and/or iron loss from bleeding which can originate from a range of sources such as the intestinal, uterine or urinary tract.
As blood is carrying less oxygen due to lowered Haemoglobin symptoms like fatigue, Breathlessness, irritability, Anxiety, reduced pallor are very common. Anemia creeps slowly so ladies tend to ignore it citing busy life but what they dont realize is that chronic Anemia will reduce their productivity and life quality . 
Also the perimenaupausal n menopausal erratic bleeding make it more difficult. 
Even vegetarian diets provide less Iron and Proteins so a calculated effort should be made to include foods prividing these. 
So my friends Dont ignore low Haemoglobin & Anemia . Go to the doctor , Find the cause for it . 
Doctors will prescribe Medicines to increase Haemoglobin but along with that If it is due to Dietary Blunders , its easily managable n reversible . 
Some Foods to help are meats, legumes, beetroot, green leafy vegetables, peanuts, broccoly, Apricots, ragi, nuts rtc but make sure you also have a Vit C source along with it like tomatoes so that there is a better absorption of dietary Iron .

Friends one more thing i will like to emphasize here is that if you have teen age daughters please make them aware of these issues . Today’s kids are so much into fast foods and skipping meals that they are sure to be Suffering with Anemia . I can see so many of my daughters friends complaining of Fatigue, bad skin, Hair Loss, weakness that we as mothers should change our diets as well as our daughters diets . 

So Gorgeous 40 +/- ladies Just tweak your diet here n there n get those rosy lips and pink cheeks back . 

Old is Comfort,
Old is Routine…
Old is habit,
Old is cheating,
Old is Boring,
Old is useless,
Old is stagnation,

All this old is old Exercises or Diet Routines ….

Friends, Old exercises and Diet ( Read Fad old Diets) routines are biggest enemies of Fitness.
Our Body is pretty Lazy .It quickly gets comfortable in same Exercise Routines and usual Diet patterns.
At times you gloat in the satisfaction “OK! Today’s workout is done..” It becomes a habit…
then one starts to cheat in exercises…
exercises n Diet Patterns become boring …It doesnt give you requisite Calory or Fat Burning or Muscle Building.It kind of becomes useless …
You reach a platau where your weigh scale needle doesnt move a bit,Those last Kgs become a burden.

So my friens Embrace Something New…
Some new Activity, Some challenging form of Exercise, some different Environment..

Trick and Confuse your Body,
Pull it out of that Comfort Zone,
Challenge it …

New physical exercise activities bring about Different muscle groups in play. It keeps the Brain alert as theres newerMuscle -Brain Co ordination,so your brain and mind don’t wander off in La La land,It brings back the Focus.
You can acheive higher goals by changing and modifying your activities . Break the Routine.

Newer Healthier cousines and Eating Timings also Fuel your body in a better way.Try newer ingredients, newer Regional Delicacies, cook different meals..
Friends on these lines i have decided to add a new activity to my routine..
I have started swimming ( Read:inspite of being terrified of water), let me tell you i can feel my body breaking away from routine…its exiting.. its a different muscle -Brain coordination in 40s..( do you know a study states that to keep your brain young one must learn something new especially in your 40s..)
Something New is the MAntra Of Happy and Healthy 40s to 50s.

So friends lets take up a challenge to learn Something New every Now and Then..

Hey Friends, tell me very very honestly .. How many of you are very regular with your exercises ??? 4 days a week or 5 days a week .. Or .. Do you search for silly excuses just to bunk the exercises …
In that case Buddy Exercises or Partner exercises are a great motivation tool for exercising regularly.I mean it in two ways

A) you go to Gym or exercise activity with your Partner
B) do exercises with your partner like alternating weight training sets ,buddy exercises .

You can have anybody as a partner . Your life partner, your friend, your kid or your parent . Its a great bonding time . You get to spend more time with your partner in a neutral environment (Do you get what I mean!!) .
If its your friend you have the benefit of gossiping ( not at the cost of your exercise time)
If its your mom or dad its some quality time spent with them .

Being in 40s makes our metabolism little sluggish .Buddy training in exercises helps you achieve higher goals.So actually its a win win situation. You are less likely to skip exercise session knowing someone else will miss theirs too . That guilt will make you get up and get going for workout .It will make you accountable . Also you will know and understand the needs and demands of your exercise partner better . You will plan exercise schedule well in advance . You will stick to your diet plan better if you know someone is watching you .
You will be achieving better n higher goals .You can set one goal or keep one separately according to your body type n stamina n strength . But its a great feeling to share that goal achievement journey .
Friends, I will love to be your Fitness Buddy if you want to post your daily exercise n Diet routines. We can set your fitness Goals together and walk towards it.

Friends , have fun while exercising with your partner and achieve your fitness goals .


It’s said that women are in their prime in their 40 s .. They are more clear about their wants n needs , they are more confident in their sexuality , more settled at homefronts or workplaces ..
But at physical level everything may not be hunky-dory..
She is at a major crossroads where her hormones start playing havocs ..
This may encompass Mid thirties to mid fifties … the transitions towards menopause .. Some get it rough some get it smooth ..
She is going through a phase of hormonal rollercoster ride . They have a impact which she may never have experienced before ..

so s you now know Most women in their mid life experience different physiological changes mostly leading towards menopause .

Menopause literally means stopping of menstrual cycle . This may mark end of fertile phase in a women’s life . It is not a disease, it’s nothing to be ashamed of .. Its just a phase , a natural process . But the changes set in many Years before actual menopause . They come under perimenopause .There are three types of menopauses but those will be discussed later.

Perimenopause or around the menopAuse phase is symptomatic of hormonal imbalances and is the most disturbing phase where irregular periods are quite comman

The otherwise “like a clockwork ” menstrual cycles get mind of its own ( as if we haven’t put up with enough ‘minds of its own )
it’s a total chaos time … Heavy periods( draining), no periods ( constant fear of unwanted pregnancy), frequent periods ( surprise! ) n queen of all is periods that don’t stop for months .. ( no .. It happens ..believe me …)..creeping weight gain ( no need to elaborate), irritability ( like a pressure valve .. Ready to burst ), migraines , fatigue ….
And all these ‘surprises are difficult to deal with in a otherwise stressful n fast life of a 21 st century superwoman !
Hormonal imbalance occurs when our sex hormone levels fluctuate too widely or too quickly, outside the range that your body can manage. There are also changes in the cycling and ratios between estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinizing hormone (LH).
Fortunately, our bodies have back-up systems to compensate for these changes. But the cumulative effects of poor diet, chronic stress, lack of sleep, too little exercise, and environmental toxins in this 21 st century lifestyle takes a toll on our bodies resulting in hormones imbalance Once this happens, the problem tends to escalate over time, unless you offer your body the kind of support it needs to restore hormonal balance.
Ofcoarse doctors are there to prescribe HRT or other medications but women should understand that they are not alone .. Not all but many women experience one or many symptoms of perimenopause .
Different hormone imbalances will be discussed gradually over here ..

But a healthy life style will help in smooth sailing through perimenopause .. Right n timely eating , proper exercises , destressing are the most important combat tools for hormonal imbalance .

1. Avoid High Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fats
Advisable to use coconut oil , pure ghee , olive oil ( no heating)
2 . Avoid caffeine .. It increases stress.. Opt for green tea instead
3. Avoid fat illimination fad diets .. They deprive body of hormonal building blocks
4.toxins from plastics, pesticides etc have chemical comp similar to hormones .. So avoid
5.exercise to release euphorines which will reduce stress … Rhythmic exercises, deep breathing , meditation

Please let me know if you are going through this or something else , you are not alone

Sweat is absolutely good for maintaining ideal Body temperature and it’s not the Fat that is melting away.

Dont laugh .. But some people do claim that .

Tell me by crossing your heart …
How many of you think that More sweat while exercising means more fat loss .. This is so not true . You will be surprised but There are actually some exercise programmes designed to be done at elevated room temp .. But they are more harmful with more chances of dehydration than weight loss which actually is a water loss .
See .. sweating is a body’s mechanism to maintain body temperature . When  you are working out some heat is produced in the body  which raises Body Temperature. This is again brought back to normal by the body through cooling out with sweat . So sweat is not the fat that is melting away .. More sweating is not the Fat melting away .Ya ya ..

Fat is lost only when it is used up as an energy source during Cardio exercise as I have already told you in classic Aerobics

Ideally while one is working out in his or her heart rate zone they will start sweating . But one has to listen to the body also . Too much sweat and discomfort are not good signs which will be seen if one is working out beyond requisite Heart rate Zone . It can be dangerous .Keeping this in mind Ideal workout place should be open  space with good ventilation . One should be able to cool off easily .

Sometimes you notice that a person working out next to you  is completely drenched in sweat and you are barely sweating . No .. no .. It does not mean that the other person is exercising better and loosing more fat ( In fact Fat is not lost at all )  n you are not … As long as your heart rate  zone is maintained you are also getting good exercise . Sweating more or less is completely genetic n Gender Dependent . Each one has around Two to Four Million Sweat glands . They are more active in males than in Females .   It will also depend on how much sweat is produced by each gland . Also a sedentary person will sweat out quicker than an active person .If the workout place is already saturated with heat ,Heat Dissipation will be difficult.Fat n obese people are usually seen to be sweating more as they have to put in more effort in the same task . . Thus sweating is not the only indicator of good workout .
When you sweat you are loosing water and electrolytes from body. Therefore one must continuously replenish it to get an optimal workout output. your weight should not drop immediately after workout as it will show that you have not had enough water during exercise n loss seen on weighing scale is actually a water loss not weight loss .
Remember that Sweat when you hog down extra calories .. Sweat it out  in your ideal Heart Rate Zone , drink loads of water while exercising and get Fat Loss by proper Cardio exercises .


Happy Sweating 🙂


Let’s first understand what is cholesterol .. It’s a lipid or fat produced in liver.
All cells have cholesterol as outer layer .
It makes up the bile acids that work to digest food in the intestine.
It allows the body to make Vitamin D and hormones, like estrogen in women and testosterone in men.
Without cholesterol, none of these functions would take place, and without these functions, human beings wouldn’t exist.–
So now you know why cholesterol is necessary and let me tell you not all cholesterol is bad . It’s just a fashion now a days to blame all cholesterol for cardiovascular problems .

Cholesterol is carried in the blood as lipoproteins . It’s a combination of lipid and protein n it’s 3 types are

The Good AKA HDL ( high Density lipoprotein ) which carries cholesterol from body to liver where it is broken down or removed as waste from body so it’s termed The Good Cholesterol

The Bad AKA LDL ( low Density Lipoprotein ) Which deposits cholesterol in cells from liver . So if you have more LDL then it deposits more cholesterol in arteries thus causing the clogging .

The Triglyceride is the form in which most of the fats exist .

Thus when one has higher LDL and Triglyceride the risk of cardiac problem increases.
The risk of these increasing depends on Genetic Predisposition , wrong Eating Habits , Bad Lifestyle .
But one should also understand that evenif you take Zero Cholesterol Diets ( Aka Fad Diet), your body can still make cholesterol on it’s own . (Mother nature knew, in coming future there would b zero cholesterol diets so she had foresight to keep reins in her hand .)
So if you are genetically predisposed you will be prone to high cholesterol which might lead to clogging of blood vessels .( Imagine a clogged kitchen drainage ) . As blood supply to heart is obstructed , one is at risk of getting s heart Attack .

One more interesting fact is women in menopausal age as Estrogen lowers loose the umbrella protection against LDL thus increase risk of cardiovascular diseases as against menstruating women . Also contrary to established fact that men are more prone to cardio problems now it’s proven fact that even menopausal and post Menopausal women are at risk . So after 40s monitoring blood cholesterol levels is absolutely necessary as I have already mentioned in my earlier blog about Annual Check ups .
One should be aware of their family history about cardiac complications and high cholesterol levels . If one is genetically predisposed then following a fitness regime , eating right n healthy , tackling stress positively are the necessary steps to manage good cholesterol levels .
Now I think you are pretty clear about Cholesterol The good , The Bad & The Necessary !

How to get perfect washboard Abs ?
Whenever people get to know I m a fitness consultant first thing they ask me how to get flat Abs . Those who workout and those who don’t …The most worked out body part in gyms must be abs ,people are literally obsessed with Ab crunches..they workout Abs everyday …that’s the only body part they are interested in shaping up…Yet everyone complains about adamant bellyfat . It’s very difficult to get rid off . Especially after your 40s ..

Friends have you noticed subtle changes in your body in your 40s ? Have you noticed a littlel bigger ponch on your lower abs ?? It’s all hormonal .
When you are young the oestrogen helps to protect fat in hips and buttocks as for preparation of a pregnancy . But as 40s approach , you move towards perimenopause ,oestrogen levels start dropping .. And body starts storing fat in and around belly so as it’s readily for available as energy source where actually you don’t want it .
Secondly as our age progresses you start loosing lean muscle mass … Which eventually results in lower metabolic rate and more storage of fat.
Third reason can be the stress hormones . The more stress you have .. More fat will be stored by body around belly as a combat tool .
I have already elaborated on it in my blog Stress No more.

So you see how these 40s bring about such subtle yet significant changes in our body . Now I think you have understood why we store so much fat on our Abs.

Now tell me do you think hundreds of Abs crunches give you washboard Abs ? No , nahi , nada !!!!

Let’s understand about Ab muscles
Abdominal muscles provide postural support n protect internal organs in pelvic n abdominal region . all these muscles also help in diff movements, more stronger these Abs more controlled your movements are … Especially in older age if you have strong core muscles there are less chances of accidental falls n fractures by sudden jerky movements
… What we call as Abs muscles are actually a group of 3 different muscle groups..
Rectus Abdominus- which you usually term as six pack Abs
Obliques .. Internal n external – the sides
Transverse Abdominus

To get strong abs or get good definition of abs one can do crunches but not hundreds eventhough you have perfect belly fat percentage . If you have excess fat on your Ab muscles how will you workout these deep seated Ab muscles? Its a futile effort .. first reduce the excess fat … No spot reduction possible Myth of Spot Reduction!
Then only you will get results for your Ab workouts

Now the question remains about Hundreds of crunches ….
Not needed my friends … If you do with perfect techniques and requisite level of difficulty even 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps are sufficient to give you results . Here I am emphasising on right technique or else one might land up in getting neck or sides muscles pulled n injured . There are hundreds of ways to workout your Abs,use therabands, use Exercise balls, use your own body weight, do core training… you can use combination of these.. but again right technique and right difficulty level…

So my friends have a holistic approach … Hundreds of crunches will not give you strong Abs unless you have right body fat percentage.
it’s a dedicated effort …of lifestyle change , right nutrition , correct exercise … Especially in your 40s , to get rid of that lower Avs ponch you have to have different approach in cardio exercises .. Interval training works wonders …, It’s not completely impossible to get those washboard strong abs …

Spot Reduction is a purely marketing gimmick to attract clients.
Reduce Tummy Fat in just 1 month !!! Sounds attractive , isn’t it ?? But its not true!

There are many informercials like these claiming to do spot Reductions. Every nook n corner gym or Health centre is vouching on their tummy trimmers and Thigh reducing workouts but let me tell you it is all a humbug ! It’s just a marketing gimmick to attract you . Spot reduction may seem possible theoretically but it is not so in reality .
I will give you one example so that u understand it better . Have you ever seen a tennis or badminton players with very wire like thin arms … No .. Good ! .. Ok have you seen basketball players with very wiry , thin legs .. No .. so have you wondered why?? eventhough they use arms or legs respectively more than other body parts ? No .. Infact they have toned , proportioned bodies . If this spot reduction was true then their arms n legs would be like sticks being result of Muscle specific activities but which is not seen because the whole body is getting workout during these activities n fat stores are lost from all over the body and not locally .

Earlier some old studies gave these theories of spot reductions . A spot Reduction is working out or targeting a specific muscle group to get Fat Loss in that area . But technically you have to understand there are diff types of fat in our body .Brown, white, Visceral, Subcutaneousn belly Fat.
These are many but in simple words one type can be a jigggly fat which is near skin and other is central n harder fat. Many different types have specific location and specific purpose to be there like protection, role in insulin resistance and hormone metabolism . So you see our body has fat stores which if you disturb ,body will simply take charge and readjust those stores to what they were earlier . Each body genetically has perticular fat distribution ratios which you see in different body structures like apple shaped , pear shaped some with fat on Belly or on Arms, or on butts etc to which the body will go back to if disturbed .
Now we know about fats. lets see what target specific exercises do?
Target specific exercise will build muscles in that particular area if and only if you have requisite Fat layer NOT EXCESS Fat layer to cover up that muscle and in doing so you get a full body workout.
And there are two different approaches to tone up .
First you either build muscle by exercising a specific muscle group but during Exercise many supporting and adjoining muscles work in unison, no muscle works independently .Thus you eventually workout whole body .
Secondly you burn fat … Fat is never lost locally … Fat will go from all over your body and not from one area as body will bring back fat to adjust the ‘lost Fat’.
Now you will say see u have said local muscle building .. Yes I agree but my friends unless n until you burn away that extra layer of fat on top of muscle .. Your toned muscles which are deep seated will never show … So spot reduction is not possible ..

You have to burn fat by dedicated efforts . More of cardio activity as I have already mentioned in classic aerobics will help in burning fat .
So my friends do not get misled by those wrong informercials !! Understand the anatomical impracticality in these claims … Do workouts to Get a proportionate body.. Because only gazelles may look good with thin legs n trees with wiry branches!!!!

Hey friends Don’t u think dimpled butts look cute on babies ? Yes…
but not on us ….. These are due to cellulite. You are not alone almost all the women.. fat n slim , tall n short , fair n dark …everybody face this problem . For some it may show only after u stretch certain area but for some it may be visible to naked eyes also … Albeit not men … They are genetically blessed in this department to.

Cellulite is a dimpled skin that appears mainly on thighs, butts but on belly and arms too …
If you see these images you will understand the cellulite properly . When underlying fat cells try n push through connective tissue of the skin it gives it a dimpled appearance . Men do not face this much because they have thicker outer skin ( so now u know why they do or do not react to certain issues .. Pun intended) which prevents fat from bulging out.
skin 2
It’s purely a cosmetic problem not a disease or a disorder but it may start showing as early as 20 s but it mainly hits as we cross 30s .. The causes can be
1 ) genetic
2) age
3) Inactive lifestyle – those who are sitting for longer time
4) Yo Yo Diet
5) Excessively High Carbohydrate Diet
6) Smoking
7) excess Fat Deposition
8) Hormone imbalance
9)Fluid Retention
10) wearing very tight clothes
With so many different causes cellulite is lil difficult to get rid off .. but not totally unachievable.
Eating right (Essential foods to 30s to 50s) n proper exercises (Suryanamaskar-A complete Workout and Classic Aerobics) as I have already posted in my earlier blogs will guide you to know how to eat n exercise better. Dedicated hip, thigh leg workouts will ease away the underlying fat cells . Most effective will be a leg circuit workout which will target the cellulite n give smoother n shapely legs . You can call me up anytime to get your circuit workout.

There are many different Anti – Cellulite creams available in Market …I can not guarantee the results as I have never used it but one can try …
Many cosmetic treatments including lipomassages, radiotherapy , liposuction etc are also used in extreme cases but we can try few home remedies.

Dry Skin Brushing- It’s quite effective against cellulite problem . Not only does it buff away dead skin, but it’s fantastic at boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage, and ultimately ridding the body of toxins.
Some say Lymphatic drainage massages are also effective as they help in getting rid of toxins . A congested lymphatic system as it doesn’t have a pump of it’s own can cause excess of water n fat retention . But you should try these under proper medical attention .

Let’s go back to dry skin brushing
It’s pretty simple .. Ideally practised before bath when skin is bare n dry you can use a brush ( bristles can be natural n not very hard n synthetic) and brush your skin towards heart making long sweeps not circular , rubbing motion there are many videos showing the techniques across the Internet .

Coconut oil /Almond oil massage-
Take coconut or almond oil , a massage brush n apply n massage it on affected area for 5 min . Do it daily .

Coffee scrub- this seems to be most popular remedy all over the world . Mix coffee grounds with warm water ( can add olive oil too) n scrub it on affected area for 5 to 10 min in soft circular ( not too hard too peel away your ski) twice per week .

So you see there are many ways to remedy this cellulite problem . You can choose your answer to this after proper guidance . But a little discipline and healthy lifestyle is answer to cellulite !


The biggest concern after 40 s especially for women would be osteoporosis .Its a silent disease. Its not seen until you get a fracture. In simple words it is Porous Bones . If you see bone tissues under microscope it looks like a honeycomb structure but in osteoporosis these spaces are wider thus bones are less strong , more porous and more prone to breaking after slightest fall or sudden movement. Mostly wrist , hip or spine bones get broken but other bones too are prone to fracture and I need not elaborate on the the difficulties and pain if a bone gets broken .
Osteoporosis has become a very common condition , many causes originate from our lifestyle.

1.Lack of proper calcium and vit D in our diet ,
2. Less of green , leafy vegetables,
3. Excessive consumption Colas ( many contain Phosphoric acid which accelerates calcium removal through urine ), caffeine and smoking ,
4. Inactive lifestyle,
5. Women who don’t take enough calcium supplements during pregnancy develop Ca deficit which increases chances of osteoporosis .( Thus a pregnant or lactating mother must take enough Calicium from supplements or Ca rich foods .)

Apart from these women in menopausal age are at greater risk . estrogen which is lowered in menopause increase chances of getting osteoporosis .
There are many other factors like certain medicines, certain health disorders which may lead to osteoporosis .
This condition creeps in slowly . But main symptoms could be joint pain, difficulty in standing or walking , altered posture like hunching . Thus it’s always advisable to identify the signs n get a simple Bone Density Test along with vit D test too . Your physician can advise you these and some other tests also .
If diagnosed with osteoporosis your physician can put you on required medications but you can supplement it with proper ca rich foods and few lifestyle changes .

Your daily diet can Include
Nachni / Ragi – this is a richest and cheapest source of Calcium. you can use ragi flour to make bhakris or porridge.
milk n milk products- again best source of calcium.
Soy fortified with Calcium-some debate about soy products and calcium losss but these ca fortified Soy products like Tofu will address that concern.
Vit D fortified products- If Vit D is less then it affects Ca metabilism . so Vit D fortified products will help to overcome n correct Ca Metabolism.
Also Magnecium, Potassium, Vit C and Vit K should also be included in your Diet foe good bone health.
Green leafy vegetables,Broccoli,cabbage,Almonds, dried Figs all are good plant based sources of calcium.
Some of these are already mentioned in my earlier blog :Essential Foods for Happy n Healthy 30s to 50s.

You should avoid colas , caffeine and smoking
You can engage in weight training and physical activities .

So friends we can easily modify our lifestyle and diet to avoid osteoporosis so as to have healthy n active 40s!!

There’s a close link between stress and weight gain in middle age group women. Especially for women the Stressors or causes of stress depend mainly on  demanding lifestyle ,interpersonal relations ( within family or at workplace) and circumstances . But it also depends on how the situation is perceived , it can be a positive challenge for one or  anxiety causing for another. women especially in mid life respond to stress in a rather accentuated way . And women can easily blame  it on hormones.

Women of 21st  century   face stressors like economic status, workplace stress and poor work-life balance. On a  personal level they may get stressed due to conflicts in relationship . .they deal with demands from kids, partners, in laws, workplace seniors but are too stressed to look after themselves .They often feel neglected , they have low self esteem.
Some life altering situations like death , major illness, divorce also drain them emotionally and physically.
Thus  simple stress as well as chronic stress work at   hormonal level and brings about many changes.
It speeds up ageing process. It shows in premature greying of hair, wrinkled skin, dryness etc.
The stress response  causes increased fat accumulation.
The hormonal levels and their ratios get disturbed which eventually cause different menstrual problems.
Chronic stress  leads to hypertensive and cardiac problems too.
Some women under stress tend to starve or eat hardly 2/3 meals in a day as they are too busy looking after loved ones or do mot give importance to themselves as an entity . That causes nutritional loss over longer period of time .Body responds by slowing metabolism  n weight gain (!)
Interestingly stress also manifests in Comfort Eating( ladies remember those shakes and pastries or all wrong calories loaded  foods eaten while dealing with stress ) . It is body’s  response to deal with the stress The carbohydrates raise serotonin or ‘feel good hormone ‘ levels so it’s body’s self help solution ,it directly gives weight gain .
Another hormone released during stress is cortisol which Is related to fat stores and energy usage. It results in more hunger n cravings . So again weight gain is the outcome
The so called ‘ remedy ‘for stress for some is alcohol consumption and smoking but which again leads to cardiac , renal problems, weight gain, cancers and many more . stress thus diminishes quality of life, it leads to addictions, wrong foods, no food leading to those diseases like hypertension, Diabetes, cardiac, renal problems which were few years ago problems in old age . But stress has brought all these to 30s.

Stress  management is  very crucial to avoid problems created by itIt is also very important to stop weight gain which may otherwise lead to intense complications.

1.we have to identify and avoid Comfort foods, Task Foods( junk food at workplace while completing the deadlines).
2. Make wise choices and control portion sizes.
3. Never go hungry for a long time as it will lead to wrong food choices .
4.Organise yourself and keep a stress log so that you identify and deal with stressors effectively.
5. Engage in exercises , they too release ‘ feel good hormones .’
6. Be positive in life , deal with stress by considering all sides of the problem , then you may perceive it differently.
7. Try and learn something new at this juncture of life which will keep your mind occupied , keep mind away from stress .it will rejuvenate your brain cells .
8. You have to love yourself , You can be your biggest fan. You have to place’ you ‘at a  prime position. You can not neglect ‘ you’.
9. Learn relaxation techniques .

So ladies be aware of the dangers of stress induced weight gain . Try to tackle stress . That’s the key to happy n healthy 30s to 50s.

Hi friends ,

as we are approaching or already around our 40s the greatest favour we can do on ourselves is getting full body check ups .the 21 st century superwoman too needs that data to declare all is well!
The greatest benefit of an annual physical is that it lays down the baseline for your health for both you and your Dr. The deviations from these will indicate the abnormalities leading to risk factors.
Ladies , along with the routine weight , blood pressure  checks .. mammography and pap smears are of extreme importance . They are indicative of cellular changes which may result in malignancy . There is  a proverb ‘a stitch in time saves nine ‘ here it  will save us with timely detection and treatment against breast and other  cancers .Timely detection is the only chance to fight back this dread.

The ECG, Stress test, 2D Echo  record cardiac health. These tests indicate the condition of heart . The stress and unhealthy lifestyle has  started  showing it’s ugly impact in younger people dying of heart attacks. checking heart condition will help to avoid this life scare .

The  blood tests which are significant  are
CBC( complete blood Count)
lFT( liver function test)
RFT( Renal Function Test)
Blood Sugar ( Diebetes .. A slow killer)
Cholesterol , Triglyceride
Serum Uric Acid  (to diagnose Gout)
Serum Calcium
HIV , HbsAg, RA test ( Rheumatic Arthritis )
Some may need to do Thyroid tests also . It’s observed and statistically proven that many perimenopausal women are suffering with thyroid problems.

One more most common deficiency seen is of Vit D . The Indian fixation of whiter skins is causing this . We try to keep away from sun , use Sun Blocks . Also desks jobs make it easier to be away from sun .. When the sun’s UV-B rays hit the skin, a reaction takes place that enables skin cells to manufacture vitamin D . Thus no sun …  no Vit D which will cause disturbance in Calcium Absorption . Our country doesn’t have VitD fortified products , so dietary source is also not available to us. Thus eventhough India is a tropical country most of us are Vit D deficient .

Many hospitals and Diagnostic centres now give  complete health screening packages . It is advisable to do complete health check ups every year . This will give us a true picture of our health and ring  an alarm for possible health threats . It will result in intervention  and precaution .
Ladies this is the phase in our life when we are not  old , we can still enjoy and get everything from life provided  we keep it healthy . Diabetes, cardiac issues , cancers are easily controllable /reversible if and only if detected in time . So friends pledge that you will do your health checkups every year to enjoy a long and healthy life . Consult your physician and opt for a suitable test combination and please gift yourself a sound health with annual health check ups .