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Ragi …

Ragi or Nachni is one of the millets may be a cheapest carbohydrate and protein source but very rich nutritionally !
Ragi is a very good source for all these
Calcium.. it keep bones strong and healthy ..
Iron .. maintains haemoglobin and helps to prevent Anaemia
It provides other minerals like potassium and phosphorus which help mainly in maintaining the liquid balance .
It is very helpful in keeping away Bad cholesterol thus preventing cardiac problems.
Its high fibre content makes it a very good diatery  alternative in diabetes management.
So looking at all these benefits now you surely know that it should be a part of regular diet . One can have nachni in many different forms.. make a porridge or a bhakri . We have nachni Aambil ( its a goan nachni porridge) absolutely every morning.. sometimes i add it to Thalipeeth or even to cake batter …

Nachni is nutritionally so rich that regular use of nachni will benefit everyone right from babies to older people !

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Planning a perfect wholesome nutritious tiffin is no mean feat .. We have to be good planners … Ya … We have to be … Or how else can one get good meal? Children , husbands n we ourselves ( read :working ladies, my friends) take tiffin .. Now many will say ..we get food at workplace .. Nevermind .. Just keep these pointers in mind n compare your office menu ..
Ahh ! And for that perennial problem of no time for lunch break … Pl read my post the art of dieting, n stress no more to know why its not good to skip lunches ….
Its one of the most important meal in a daytime … It can be quickest for some or on the go for some or a leisurely for some . But anyhow it should be wholesome .. Today I will tell some pointers to keep in mind while planning for a tiffin … Yes yes … It definitely requires planning like needs pulses to be soaked if planned for sprouts .

While Planning a menu for a tiffin one must consider different factors. Recipe should be convenient to make it .. It should be simple enough to make in morning’s race against time .
It should be convenient to carry . It can not be too watery as leaking tiffins are a little awkward site .
Also it should have full nutrient content in limited quantity as of coarse you can not carry too big n too many tiffins.
It should taste good evenif eaten cold ( many places may not have reheating facility).. So you see we really need to brainstorm on these issues …
Now first n foremost is plan a menu which is wholesome .. It must have all food nutrients like
Carbohydrate ..to provide you energy for entire day .., sources .. Rice , wheat , millets
Proteins .. To provide for growth … Sources .. Pulses , fish , chicken , meat, milk products.
Vitamins and Minerals.. To provide immunity ,Sources .. Vegetables n fruits
Fats .. As a energy source n required for some vitamins ..Good fats not bad fats like transfats

Water .. To maintain hydration of the body

so you can plan a tiffin with all these things in mind . It can be a one dish meal like
biryanis  , pulavs , roti wraps , pasta salads , sandwiches etc but including all food groups


IMG_7201 IMG_7202 IMG_7203

And friends when you want to plan for your kids just try and make it visually appealing . Kids are likely to eat food that looks attractive .. Try and add different coloured food , use those small cookie cutters to carve diff shapes in fruits , add edible eyes and noses to sandwiches and dosas … Small kids like these funny tricks
U can give them baby carrots , beans to munch on …

so you see .. If you remember to add all food nutrients then it’s just little brainstorming about how you twist a recipe … To make your tiffin wholesome …

Millets are extremely beneficial to our body in providing nutrients abundently eventhough considered a poor man’s food . We as indians are fortunate enough to have wide variety of millets like Bajra, Jowar, Ragi, Rajgira etc. Many of us do use Jowar or Bajra to make Rotis or thick bhakris. But you may like to know the nutrients these provide .

ragi 1
This is the richest and cheapest source of Iron and Calcium ,protein and fibre . Its packed with antioxidants.
Regular consumption of Ragi / Nachni/ Finger Millet will rectify Anaemia, improve Bone Health. It does help in growth n muscle repairs . Being rich in fibres it is very effective for weight loss . Thus it is a very good for us who are on our 30s to 40 s . it is used as a weaning food for infants also .Packed with so much for good health you can use Ragi flour in many ways .
Ambil / Ambli is a staple breakfast item in my house . It’s very easy to make . I do it with water but one can use milk or buttermilk .Mix Ragi flour in some water to make it a thick paste n keep overnight. Next day morning add water and bring it to boil by continuously stirring it till it becomes thick in consistency . Add salt to taste n serve hot in a bowl . Overnight soaking gives it a bit sour taste so it is called Ambil .
ragi pejsecuredownload[1]

Some other Ragi options are Ragi Idli, Ragi Dosas, Ragi bhakri , Ragi roti ,cookies.. So friends what will be your option of Ragi receipe on dining table ??

Jowar/Jwari –

Jowar is a millet that is also rich in protein , calcium , iron , potassium n phosphorus .also it has thiamin n Riboflavin . So u can see even Jowar helps to Maintain good health .
Jowar ThalipeethJowar TikkisJowar Bhakri
Jowar Rotis, bhakris are very common receipes.

This millet is also nutritionists favourite . It’s a rich source of iron , calcium , protein n fibre . The niacin and phytic acid lower the bad cholesterol . Being high in fibre content it gives impression of fullness n helps in weight Loss .
bajra puriBajra AppamBajra Bhakri
Bajra Rotis , Bhakaris n thalipeeths are very easy to make and best way to include in your daily diet .

Rajgeera –
This is called a royal grain . Must be because of the highest protein content . Also it has calcium , iron and magnesium along with potassium , phosphorous , vit A n Vit C. this is a staple food during Upawas or fasting in India.Laddos, Thalipith,sheera are popular rajgeera receipes during upawas.
But can be included in your diet in a form of roti or bhakri .
Rajgeera Sheerarajgeera cookiesrajgeera laddoos

friends there are innumerable ways by which you can add these millets or millets atta to many different receipes. Tikkis , laddoos, cookies, bhakris, thalipeeth, sheera, muthiyas …sky is the limit for your innovation.
So do include atleast one portion of millets in your daily family diet . These are packed with body building , health maintaining nutrients . it is extremely beneficial to all age gr people in our family infants, children,old people everybody.
I usually make thalipeeth or use the atta of all these to make laddoos for my kids .
You can be very innovative with receipes including these millets .
Do let me know if you try some amazing receipe including these millets .


Friends by now we have established that 40s are little different . We are some years away from of ageing . The hormones , metabolism are changing .  This time calls for some staples in diet which will help this transition to go smooth . Here is a list of some foods which will help you .( take in consideration your current health status .)
Oats –  Oats are high fibre  but complex carbs so it takes long to convert it to simple sugars thus it is very beneficial to diabetic people too . It has high level of Magnesium which is helpful  to body. It helps reduce risk of cardiac problems as it removes bad cholesterol . The Beta Glucan fibre in it is beneficial to cholesterol levels and improves immunity according  to some research.
Red grapes -Resveratrol which is present in red grapes is most important anti ageing, anti cancer , heart healthy antioxidant . It helps reduce the risks of cancers n cardiac issues .
Tomatoes- The lycopene from tomatoes have antioxidant properties which are shown to help against prostate cancers .tomatoes are rich source of potassium , vit C , vit A  which is helpful to eyes by reducing Macular degeneration . Also they are strong blood purifiers and reduce urinary track infections . It’s one of the most beneficial foods ever . But you should be careful about pre-existing conditions like tomato allergy , kidney stones in which case you may need to avoid it .
Soy products – Benefits of soy are still argued but one should always take in consideration the pre-existing conditions . Soy improves lipid profile ratio .Studies have shown that regular intake of soy can significantly lower you blood concentrations of triglyceride and low density lipoproteins (LDL) and raise the level of high density lipoproteins (HDL)
The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as the powerful phyto-antioxidants in soy  protect your blood vessels from lesions and hemorrhage. The phytoestrogens in soy help prevent prostrate cancer in males n reduce post menopausal symptoms in females . It’s also a very important source of proteins for vegetarians .
Garlic -This is a good source of vit B6 which helps in building of good immune system .It has anti cancer properties so helps prevent cancers , it has good anti bacterial properties too . It also has properties which helps against cardiac problems .
Milk The most important source of protein and calcium , it gives adequate proteins in a vegetarian diet . Its calcium content helps in preventing Osteoporosis n Osteomyelitis  which is quite common post menopause .
Olive oil -The polyphenols in olive oil have amazing antioxidant , anti ageing properties . The monosaturated fats in it also help against cardiac issues

Almonds- Almonds are also known for lowering bad cholesterol, protect artery walls, reduce heart attack risks. they have riboflavins and L-carnitine which boost brain activity n prevents Alzeimers..

Coloured Vegetables and Fruits- The phytonutrients found in these coloured vegetables and fruits  are all helpful  to the body as antioxidents which helps in preventing ageing.
These are some essential foods which will help to keep age n age related problems at bay . It will improve life quality n keep you away from age related problems . But I will again recommend to keep your pre existing conditions in mind in which case you may need to avoid few things .If used in moderation and right quantities  these will benefit you surely for happy and Healthy 30s to 50s.


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What is the most common thing urban women are doing .,, simple 105 % of women are dieting . This dieting thing for most women is starvation . I think UN is unnecessarily spending millions to eradicate starvation , they should see women willingly starving themselves. They get that high on torturing their bodies by starving . This diet word is now synonymous to starvation . I think Oxford dictionary people should make this change in their next edition .
Almost all the women are falling pray to Fad diets thanks to those zero figure bodies that are promoting it. Sometimes these diets            ( Aka starvation tortures ) target carbs or sometimes gluten , Fat and sugar are the  all time  victims. But when this poor diet ( simply put as amount of food n drinks needed by body ) is attached to healthy ,it gives it a right meaning . It is amount of food and water needed to maintain health . So you see health is attached to right eating and drinking adequate water. Starving your body towards the quest of perfect slim figure ruins your health . This nutritional backlog will cost you in fatigue , dullness, hair loss, dark circles and internally in irreparable nutritional imbalance .

Ladies diet is about eating . The right nutrients in right proportions and at right times ! This will give your body required t nutrients . Every nutrient is part of a big production line , if one is missing , imagine the product that will come out . Be informed about what the problems would be if you are going to follow Fad diets . For some time you will see yourself shedding weight but you will have to pay cost of this nutritional imbalance.
Now I will discuss  in detail the outcomes of nutritional loss after Fad n wrong diets

 Carbohydrate — people try various low carb diets . But along with shrinking waist line they also experience fatigue , thyroid dysfunction symptoms . Carbs are our main energy source. Our Indian diet is  predominantly carb based like rice , wheat  etc . So when this main part of diet is eliminated body gets confused . That affects normal metabolism . If you follow this kind of diet for very long you will suffer with  hair loss ,low energy levels ( imagine a pen  or a printer cartridge with a very low ink )
So you should have carbs in your diet but  you can choose wisely in right quantity .The healthiest sources of carbohydrates—unprocessed or minimally processed whole grains, vegetables, fruits and beans—promote good health by delivering vitamins, minerals, fiber, and a host of important phytonutrients.
Unhealthier sources of carbohydrates include white bread, pastries, sodas, and other highly processed or refined foods.  These items contain easily digested carbohydrates that may contribute to weight gain, interfere with weight loss, and promote diabetes and heart disease.

Wheat– Gluten free diets are very popular now . They are like a magic wand ,one swish n you get an hourglass figure . Those who have gluten sensitivity have to follow gluten free diets but those who follow it as a fad diet are not really benefited by it . Only possibility of weight loss could be due to limited food choices without Gluten . But you may end up getting more fat or sugars in food as without binding property of Gluten , manufacturers have to use extra fat or sugars. In fact, research suggests that those who forgo gluten may be more likely to miss out on important nutrients such as iron, B vitamins, and fiber.

Fat — This is the most Avoided nutrient in Fad Diets . Fat free diets may infact harm in more ways than the benefits
Eating a diet too low in fat can interfere with the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Because these nutrients are fat soluble, your body needs dietary fat to utilize them. These vitamins are stored mostly in the liver and fat tissue and are important in bodily functions such as growth, immunity, cell repair and blood clotting. If you’re not eating enough fat to bring these vitamins into your body, they will be excreted, and you may be at risk for a vitamin deficiency.
You are also depriving your body of essential Fatty acids which you get from dietary source . Omega 3s m Omega 6 s are important for mental health . They are precursors of many important hormones . Depression is often seen with this low fat diets .
It also affects the nutrient intake balance . The low fat meal will eventually lead to less HDL ( good cholesterol )
Thus the harm outweighs the  benefits of low fat diets .

So friends don’t fall pray to these fad diets . They harm your body in many ways . You may get that weight , inch loss but internally you are depriving your body of essential nutrients . You should master the art of Dieting . Starving is not a dieting .  Eliminating nutrients from your diet is not Dieting . Everything in right quantity is essential for your well being . If you master this you have mastered the Art of Dieting .