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Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness exercises also emphasize core stability.
There is greater core activation by engaging and stabilising the Spine against external force put through different movements which we may be doing in our everyday life .
In short our routine movements will be lot easier and stronger as we have already practiced and mastered them through Functional Training!

Sometimes a simple action of picking up a load from ground and keeping it in a cupboard can result in muscle pull or joint pain . It happens as muscles might be weak or if the action was done using wrong muscle groups . So when a simple exercise of squat and then overhead press is done repeatedly it prepares your body for such activities in daily life .


Functional Training is especially beneficial for older adults to improve balance, agility and muscle coordination.

So the benefits of Functional Trainings are as follows
1) Better core stability so less injuries.
2)improved metabolism so better calorie burning .
3)Improvement in joint stability and muscle coordination.
4)Increased Muscle toning so Leaner and stroger body.
5)Improved Flexibility and Agility.
6)Improved Balance and Posture.

Friends go to the mirror .. ( wear those T Backs .. Arre  otherwise how will you check ???) Extend your arms out .. Now  look at yourself in the mirror 
Do you have flabby arms ? Are there hanging triceps .. Jiggly arms are so unattractive ..

.Flabby Arm

If yes … start exercises to tone up .,hiding those jiggle arms under sleeves is not the answer… Also Do Not Forget To eat correct . If you keep on stuffing yourself with wrong Fatty foods no use of sweating it out in Gyms …

Of course all ladies dream of getting those Michelle Obama arms but let me remind you .. Loads of efforts go into it . As i promised you this is the first blog of the series about different Muscle groups. 

Arms look attractive when all muscles that make up Arms are toned , there’s no extra fat. Roughly saying to get attractive arms one needs to exercise three muscle groups Biceps , Triceps n shoulder muscles .  Triceps make up 2/3 rd and Biceps 1/3 rd of the Arm muscles . So one has to workout Triceps more than the Biceps . 

When these muscles are worked out one can easily carry off those Halters,off shoulder n sleeveless tops … 

These are comparatively smaller muscle groups so concentration exercises work better to get good results . Also more repetitions are needed to get good definition . Friends , we women are genetically blessed to not develop bulky arms by workouts . The same Arm workouts make guys arms beefed up but we ladies are fortunate in getting sinewy arms . ( some good use of Hormones in otherwise chaotic 40s Hormonal imbalances …)

The routine that i follow for great arms is

text pic

Friends these are all exercises which can be done in a gymnasium using various equipment . These different equipment  challenge muscles in  different angles thus giving  a good tone to the muscles . 
But friends  if you don’t go to gymnasium .. No worries … 
Use your own body weight , filled water Bottles, longer napkins  to do many of these exercises.Also  Any exercise which needs Arms to balance Body weight is a great workout for Arms . Many Yoga Postures if done correctly can help in getting toned Arms . 

So friends tone up those Arms and    Flaunt yourself in sexy Halters n off shoulders …  

Reasons for “No Result in Gym ”

Friends , is your gym giving you results ?? Is your scale tipping ?? R u shrinking ??
Have you ever realised that the dedicated 1 hour you call exercise is not giving results of exercise ! Have you wondered why ???

Here are some of the reasons for not getting results out of your Gym

1) You are following a set routine instead of a personal routine-
See , every body is different , every body has different problem areas so gyms should not generalise workouts . Workouts should be tailor made to fit to your body type . If you are following set routines you will not benefit from it as it is not hitting your problem areas .
Remedy – always go for personalised exercise regime , understand your body , your stamina, strength and set a routine with a good trainer .

2) You are not following the routine to the T – a good 8/10 min warm up , requisite Rest period , a nice lengthy cool down are always compromised . All these things really help to prepare your body for exercises n muscle building . Rushing through it will hamper your progress.
Remedy – dont skip any of these important parts from exercise regime ..

3) you have recentely started exercising or you are doing same thing for Eons …,
You have to give atleast 4/6 weeks to see results .. Dont expect miracles ( not here atkeast) your body will need some time to respond and show results .
Also if you havent changed your exercise pattern , it has stopped giving you resuts as i have already mentioned in my blog “Something New”
Remedy – give some time to see the result and some time to change the exercise routine .

4) You are overboard with your Post workout Snack…
Post workout if you are hogging onto calory laden snacks ,its just a waste of a good workout . What’s the point of burning calories if you are exceeding the requirement .. All will be converted to fat .
Remedy – have a light yet a power packed snack .

5) Your Gym equipments and trainers are not good enough –
Thats especially true at some gyms which have state of the art decore but not the best of equipments especially Cardio equipments . Also trainers should be well educated in fitness field , with a thorough knowledge of Anatomy n exercise physiology . They should also have enough knowledge about Dos n Dont’s to avoid injuries
Remedy – enroll at an activity that suffices all these parameters

6) You are too comfortable- that may occure if you are doing too light exercise or if you are cheating on weight and posture .
Remedy – stop cheating
So friends , this is your checklist for great workout results …

Love Handles …..

On this Valentine’s Day Love Handles may sound Romantic ..

But believe me they are not !!! It screams .. you have excess Fat on your sides .. I know you don’t want to hear this but it makes your skinny Jeans a distant dream And it looks horrible like a bulging muffin (( no .., no .. The real Muffin looks good .. But not you .. Bulging from sides over your jeans )) excess of Fat on your lower back and sides makes it a ghastly site . This haunts men and women alike .. Even men get these love Handles along with their Pot belly .

Basically love Handle is excess Fat on your Obliques ..( read blog post about Fab Abs). And also it’s not removed in your normal ..”100 crunches /day will give me washboard Abs Routine”… ( this routine is basically a wrong concept ) .

One has to isolate and workout Obliques along with proper Diet ,Rigorous Cardio exercises regularly . All this collectively brings about Fat Loss which is essential for better definition of Ab Muscles .

Please read my post
On Myths of Spot Reduction and
Classic Aerobics  and Perfect Abs to understand it better.

Now that you have accepted the proper Diet and proper Cardio exercises regime we can move to exercises that will help remove love Handles and give better definition to Obliques.
I follow these exercises in a circuit and increase or Decrease the intensity of these exercises by using dumbbells, Bands, Exercises Ball etc.
1. Woodchoppers R
Woodchoppers L
2. Side Bends R x 10ssions and
Side Bends L
3. Russian Twists R
Russian Twists L
4. Side plank R 30 Sec
Side plank L 30 Sec
5. Bicycle Crunches 30 In and 30 out

Here are some images of these exercises …

So Guys n Girls Shed your love Handles to get that awesome sculpted figure .

Do you take a rest day in your workout schedule ? Do you feel guilty if you do ?? Do you feel you have wasted a day ???
But let me tell you … Rest assured ( I mean rest … Take a break )
When you are working out ,your body is undergoing changes like
Energy stores depletion
Lactic Acid build up
muscle tissue breakdown

So body needs time to rectify all these changes . If one neglects signs from body for rest n continue putting it through regime of vigorous exercises, body will not give requisite results .. In fact it will be prone to many injuries .. will feel weak . A generalised malaise will set in … body will burnout under this constant abuse … Overtraining will not help achieving the set goal . DOMS ( Delayed onset of Muscle soreness )will be a hindrance in achieving your fitness goal.

But allotting a Rest day will bring out recovery .The Energy stores will be replenished . Muscle tissue repair n rebuilding will set in .. Muscle build up n strengthening will occur

There two types of recovery periods
Short term recovery
Long term recovery

Short term recovery or Active recovery happens immediately after the exercises ..With a slow gradual cool down exercises . It may continue for days .. I have already explained importance of cool down in one of my earlier blogs .
One more important aspect is a proper post exercise meal.Including protein in the post exercise meal will help in muscle build up n recovery. It will strengthen the muscle tissues .
Proper hydration before during and after exercise is also helpful.
Proper sleep atleast 7 to 8 hrs in the night will help in regaining lost strength .
All these put together will give you a short term recovery and minimise injuries .

Long-term recovery is usually brought about in a annual exercise regime.

Thus it is absolutely essential to plan rest n recovery in your exercise schedules to remove residual fatigue n feel fresh at the next workout session to reach your goal .

Warm up and cool down are extremely important part of exercise regime.
Do you know the benefits of warm up and cool down?
Do you really spend first and last 10 min in warm up and cool down while exercising ???
I think many of you do workouts or exercise regularly but how many of you spend time to do good stretches ?
I had mentioned about warm ups n cool down in my earlier blog on classic Aerobics
http://www.exeryogi.com/classic-aerobics but i am discussing the benefits in detail over here.
People are just satisfied that they are working out.They say they don’t have extra time to waste on warm up n cool down . I have seen in a gym people hitting the trademill or cycles straightaway but then their bodies are yet not ready for exercise , the heart rate is slow , body temp is not up , mentally they are not tuned to exercise .this will all lead to
A. Poor performance
B. Chances of injuries
C. No optimal output
This clearly tells you that if your body is not ready for workout you will not achieve your goals.
A proper warm up session will prepare your body for workouts . It will take your heart rate up gradually .Your body temperature will go up .This will accelerate blood flow to muscles and thus oxygenate it properly .The dynamic stretches will slowly put muscles in full range of motion. It will improve the nerve- muscle coordination .This will avoid injuries to muscles. Thus one can get maximum output from the workout.
Also the warm ups are and should be Goal specific and sport specific . It will be different according to the sport or activity planned for that day . A swimmer has to do swimming action related dynamic stretches along with a general warmup where as a body builder has to do sets with lowest possible weights but in full range of motion .Thus a sport specific warm up after a general warm up ( around 10 min) will prepare your body for exercise .

Now during exercise lots of muscle wear n tear happens , muscles are fatigued , major muscle group may have large amt of blood pooled up . In such scenario if you just stop suddenly you might feel dizzy . The recovery of muscles will be slow .there are chances of muscle pulls or tears also.The answer to all this is a proper cool down.A proper cool down will be a slow activity n static stretches.

During a cool down session a gradual decrease in activity level will allow breathing to get to normal,increased heart rate to slow down , blood to circulate evenly .Removal of lactic acid from working muscle group will be faster which will eventually avoid or reduce muscle soreness . Slow n static stretches will help the muscles to recover faster .
now you know how important warm ups n cool downs are . It will make post exercise recovery faster .It will avoid injuries and muscle stiffness /soreness .
Friends do invest time in good warm up n cool down sessions for getting better output and avoid injuries to enjoy your exercise regime. Do ask me if you need help deciding your sport specific warm up stretches .

Aerobic exercises in simple term will be exercise activity that uses oxygen for energy generation . There are many types of aerobic activities like aerobics, walking , swimming , cycling etc . Ideally you should perform such activity within your heart rate zone for 40 min to 1 hr according to your physician’s advice.
But here I am going to discuss benefits of aerobics .. The floor aerobics and step aerobics.. My passion . There are different and newer forms like Aqua aerobics( aerobics in pool), zumba( aerobics and Latin moves) etc but what I love the most is classic aerobics. It can be either done on floor or using stepper or a bench and choreographing hand n leg movements around it.
Main advantage of aerobics is that when done for more than 40 mins it is a best fat burning activity . After around 20 min in exercise, fat is burned as a energy source so ladies gear up for that quick fat loss !
It is done with music which is a great stress buster . Don’t think that any music can be played .. Of coarse a perfect aerobic trainer will be able to identify requisite BPM (beats per minute ) from any music n conduct a class but those music beats have some purpose .. beat synchronised with movement is related to heart rate . Thus a good aerobic trainer will take the heart rate in the required heart rate zone with help of music n BPM . This will eventually give you a good workout . A good trainer should be able to identify that ‘downbeat ‘.. Which will make you feel in tune with music or else you will always be offbeat ..
It also improves brain , hands , legs coordination like from left to right or hands n legs together or alternate , on the beat etc. Funny thing that I have seen is guys take longer at these movement coordination !(no offence)
but it really improves by practice . Also those who are more into music n dance pick up aerobics very fast.
One has to really be in the aerobic class physically and mentally … You can’t be mentally in your office or home and be physically in the class .You will miss beats and choreography sections if you remind is wondering .. Thus it’s a great tool for improving concentration .. Kids are really benefited by aerobics .
The other benefits of exercises totally apply to aerobics like good blood circulation, fat loss, calorie burner , improving cardio , muscle strength etc.
As I said earlier There are different variations n styles in aerobics now but personally I like the classic aerobics . It has a proper choreography in which you can set goals for class like Upper body, lower body, low or high intensity n many more things .
For many years people said aerobics ruins knees but that is absolutely not true . If you have proper aerobics shoes which have good shock absorbing capacity and a great trained trainer then he or she will definitely set the choreography considering joint safety . Exercise need not be high impact ( which is bad for joints ) to give good result but a moderate, safe routine of aerobics can give you better results .Continuous jumping, fast bendings , sudden twisting should be avoided in choreography.
Gradual build up of heart rate after a proper warm up ,maintaining Heart rate Zone, conducting a talk test, no high impact moves and then by end of class lowering of heart rate and nice stretches followed by cool down are some basic features of ideal Aerobics class. If you do such a perfect class you will definitely get a great workout.
That pulsing music,those swirling hands,that intricate footwork, grooving body rhythm .. Whole class moving as one ….. Oh you really have to be part of it to experience how intoxicating n addictive it is !!!!

Friends don’t be surprised , this ancient Indian form of sun salutation is commanding a ‘complete workout ‘status all around the world now . Suryanamaskar is a set 12 postures done in a sequence and rhythm maintaining a specific breathing pattern . Each and every posture is beneficial to our body . If done with a steady pace it benefits you as a cardio workout . If each posture is attained perfectly it helps as calisthenics . If a proper breathing pattern is maintained it helps in improving lung capacity . So you see this ancient Vedic form of salutations gives benefits as latest exercises give .
There are innumerable benefits one can ripe from these sun salutations
The most favourite one would be that its a great Tummy Tucker. It stretches abdominal muscles , reduces belly fat , improves digestive system . The proper breathing pattern also helps work out Ab muscles .
It improves blood circulation thus reduces hair fall , hair loss . It makes skin beautifuland reduces wrinkles.
Also the rhythmic motions of suryanamaskar have calming effect on mind which helps in reducing stress thus improveing insomnia .
Suryanaskar regulates irregular menstrual cycles n hormonal imbalances .
If all the postures are done perfectly it improves muscle flexibility and improves strength n stamina .
Thus suryanamaskars benefit practically entire body . Internally too it improves cardiac , endocrine ,digestive systems and blood circulation .
So friends when you do suryanamaskars in a perfect rhythm attaining each posture completely maintaining a proper breathing pattern you get benefit of a complete body workout .
I just do these suryanamaskars with a little twist . When I want to do it as a aerobic activity to burn calories then I maintain certain pace and if I want to do anaerobic exercises I incorporate certain other exercises to the postures . Oh , you can see how versatile this form of exercise is . Add to that no extra cost benefit as one can do these at home . But I would still suggest you to learn and do sun salutations under proper guidance from experts .It should be a calm , rhythmic , steady activity … If done perfectly it’s a great calorie burner !
If you have never done it before you will have to start with 3 to 5 suryanamaskars n gradually increase the number as you start gaining stamina n strength .So a goal of 108 suryanamaskars is not completely unachievable . Oh you would experience that greatest sense of achievement when you reach that number 108 ! It’s a heady feeling as if you have conquered the world !!!!! thCAT0ZWQ7

Workplace workouts
oh now that you have crossed your 30 s , you are bit more settled at your jobs , now it’s a  high time you start thinking about good health . Exercises will keep your stamina , strength . It will keep you away from obesity , hypertension , cardiac problems . But now you will say that you don’t get time for workouts as whole day is spent around workplace   So workout at workplace !!!!
What a fantastic idea ! You earn and you burn ( calories) too. Most ot you are juggling lengthy commutes, deadlines , targets .you are so drained by the end of the day that  eventhough you know the importance of exercises you  still can’t get time n energy to actually do it !
But there is a solution to this problem . Make the most of what you have . If you can’t make time for exercises try to burn calories bit by bit throughout the day ! It’s very simple , just a few changes …
1. You burn more calories while standing so try to do as many things standing as possible . Even eating lunches ,snacks can be on high tables .
2. See to it that you walk everytime you need something . Spend atleast 10 min each hour by standing and walking around. Let the office boys rest n you Spend calories in walking
Please use pedometer Apps available on phones . You can track exact amount of calories burnt while walking . Add calories spent each hour n you will have burnt around 200 calories just by this simple 10 min walk .
3. Try to take stairs if possible at your workplace provided you are fit enough to do so . Each time you need to go up try to take stairs . It’s a fantastic cardio workout . So add these 30 calories for 5 min climb .

4. While you are continuously at your desk , try simple exercises

Knee lifts
Leg extensions
Standing push ups
Shoulder shrugs
Back bends
Side reach outs
Bicep curls
Tricep extension

All these can be done around Your cubicle  . These are very simple exercises . So even next to your desk you can  burn some good no of calories .

Also pay attention to your  posture while sitting or standing . Chest out , abs in  , back straight and shoulders  up n pulled back ! make a conscious effort to Correct your posture . Its a great calorie burner !

My homemaker friends you can also have workplace workouts . Your home is your workplace . So think about walking a lot around the house,  while children study or if you have some spare time . If you can dedicate full 45 min for workout , all the more Good ! You cab also use pedometers to count calories while walking . You can use 1 lit water bottles , hand towels to modify your exercises .

Friends now i know you are just thinking of ways by which you can burn calories . You might be littlel hesitant to try these at workplace but think of the calories burnt ! Less fat accumulation ! Benefits of sound health ! It’s been proven that those who do workplace workouts are less likely to apply for sick leaves . More productivity , more incentives !