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Friends …

Did you know that even nails are affected by hormonal changes ?  Even your hands start showing signs of aging.

Dr Kavita Seth from Kavi’s nail spa who is a nail care expert to many of the big Bollywood stars answered few of my questions and here is what she had to say !
Are there any changes happening in 40s to the nails?
Yes to some extent… Age is related to hormonal problems, dietic issues or any disease or illness..which do reflect on the nails too.
How do you prevent it ?
If it is related to health issues firstly then that needs to be corrected…. Like calcium or vitamin deficiencies
Too much washing hands with soap too can cause brittle nails and dryness
Post pregnancies and neglecting nail care can pose problems with nails post 40 yrs.

Here’s  what you should always remember to do…

For dryness and too much dead skin or dry cuticles please use cuticle oils and cuticle remover creams..Massage gently your hands atleast once or twice a week.Applying moisturizer is essential!

Is there any specific care that needs to b taken to avoid it ? And from what age?
Every age needs nail care not only when u turn 40…

Can you reverse the damage?
Most of the damages are reversible so no need to panic.
So if care taken it should be reversible .
Are the nails affected in 50s n what care can be taken ?Does Menopause affect nails?

Yes it’s again the harmonal changes because of which calcium depletion, dryness sets in .so again taking really good care and regular hand care regime is necessary!

What is the concept of Kavi’s nail care ?

Kavis nail care is a nail salon only where we take care of hands and feet … Not only nails
We do manicures, pedicures, Spa , nail extensions, treatment for nail biters and nail art


As you can see friends hands that care for others need special care too !



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