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The biggest concern after 40 s especially for women would be osteoporosis .Its a silent disease. Its not seen until you get a fracture. In simple words it is Porous Bones . If you see bone tissues under microscope it looks like a honeycomb structure but in osteoporosis these spaces are wider thus bones are less strong , more porous and more prone to breaking after slightest fall or sudden movement. Mostly wrist , hip or spine bones get broken but other bones too are prone to fracture and I need not elaborate on the the difficulties and pain if a bone gets broken .
Osteoporosis has become a very common condition , many causes originate from our lifestyle.

1.Lack of proper calcium and vit D in our diet ,
2. Less of green , leafy vegetables,
3. Excessive consumption Colas ( many contain Phosphoric acid which accelerates calcium removal through urine ), caffeine and smoking ,
4. Inactive lifestyle,
5. Women who don’t take enough calcium supplements during pregnancy develop Ca deficit which increases chances of osteoporosis .( Thus a pregnant or lactating mother must take enough Calicium from supplements or Ca rich foods .)

Apart from these women in menopausal age are at greater risk . estrogen which is lowered in menopause increase chances of getting osteoporosis .
There are many other factors like certain medicines, certain health disorders which may lead to osteoporosis .
This condition creeps in slowly . But main symptoms could be joint pain, difficulty in standing or walking , altered posture like hunching . Thus it’s always advisable to identify the signs n get a simple Bone Density Test along with vit D test too . Your physician can advise you these and some other tests also .
If diagnosed with osteoporosis your physician can put you on required medications but you can supplement it with proper ca rich foods and few lifestyle changes .

Your daily diet can Include
Nachni / Ragi – this is a richest and cheapest source of Calcium. you can use ragi flour to make bhakris or porridge.
milk n milk products- again best source of calcium.
Soy fortified with Calcium-some debate about soy products and calcium losss but these ca fortified Soy products like Tofu will address that concern.
Vit D fortified products- If Vit D is less then it affects Ca metabilism . so Vit D fortified products will help to overcome n correct Ca Metabolism.
Also Magnecium, Potassium, Vit C and Vit K should also be included in your Diet foe good bone health.
Green leafy vegetables,Broccoli,cabbage,Almonds, dried Figs all are good plant based sources of calcium.
Some of these are already mentioned in my earlier blog :Essential Foods for Happy n Healthy 30s to 50s.

You should avoid colas , caffeine and smoking
You can engage in weight training and physical activities .

So friends we can easily modify our lifestyle and diet to avoid osteoporosis so as to have healthy n active 40s!!

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