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Is Weigh Scale a sole indicator of our weight loss goal on Health path ?

For every one on weight loss battle, the scale is more than a measure of weight. As we step both feet on the scale, a flurry of butterflies enters our bodies. We get seriously anxious. We grimace at the thought of finding a number that’s too high or one that hasn’t changed. These numbers may represent a lifetime of trying to lose weight, of triumphs and let-downs, of good days and bad.

If the number approaches our “ideal,” we feel like we’ve got the whole world in our hands.

One interesting fact is that Many people that you would consider ‘skinny’ may in fact be unhealthy. They are what we call skinny fat. There is a low percentage of muscle and a high percentage of fat. So while they will appear to be skinny, they can, in fact be unhealthy.

The scale may drive our mood for the day. It determines whether we’ll feel light on our feet or heavy in our hearts. It tells us whether we’ll be in a great mood, knowing we’re shedding pounds, or whether we’ll be sad and disappointed, because the number isn’t budging.

It may decide how we structure our day, what we eat, whether we work out. It forecasts whether we’ll munch on a piece of chocolate or never eat chocolate again; whether we’ll eat a sandwich or skip lunch altogether; whether we’ll tackle a grueling workout in the evening or enjoy a slow walk.

It may serve as our sense of accomplishment, our barometer for the future, predicting hope or foretelling doom. If the number is low, we’re accomplished superstars , who can do anything. If the number is high (or hasn’t changed), we’re losers, who can’t do anything right and should just stop trying.

It’s amazing that we can give an inanimate object so much power, letting ourselves get bullied. Even if we eat well and exercise, the wrong number can instantly erase our healthy habits, deem them worthless and trigger a flood of frustration (“what’s the point of being healthy, if I can’t even lose weight!”) It can make us punish ourselves by restricting our diet or forcing our bodies to endure backbreaking workouts. But instead understand why you may not see number change and what are the other parameters to gauge Health and fitness progress.

Now let us see why you see or don’t see the number shift ?

Weight loss is a complex process involving a variety of factors we control, such as diet, exercise, activity levels, stress and sleep habits and some we can’t control, such as genes, gender, hormones, age and body type.

Your weight can be effected by different things.

If you eat a fibrous or salty meal the night before you weigh-in, there’s a very good chance that you’ll see either stagnation on the scale, or a weight INCREASE.

If you’re more stressed than usual, your body will produce excess levels of the hormone cortisol, which leads to inflammation, and thus, weight gain.

If you’re a female and it’s that time of month, then yes .

If you’re building muscle and toning up, it’s important to remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so your weight may not change even though your fitness is improving.

If you indulge in Weekend Binging or emotional eating then that can also make weigh scale number jump up !

SO instead go focusing on  weigh scale number we can determine progress by checking these metabolic Fitness Parameters

Blood Counts – If you have some medical issues and you start on Health path then your Blood counts will show improved results after regular exercises and correct Diet .

Sleep Quality -Your sleep quality will improve too ! Check if you now sleep sound and wake up rejuvenated in the morning!

Skin and Hair -It improves your skin and hair too.check if you have better skin and hair and are you looking younger ? Are you anti aging ?

Hunger _ If you are exercising and eating right there will start feeling hungry at regular intervals and a small meal will saffice your hunger .

Here are some other things which you can use too .

Inch Loss -Your weight can stay the same for weeks but you can still loose inches in that time and end up in a smaller clothing size, which is another indication of physical fitness. Just as with building muscle, getting toned and dropping dress sizes shows that you are burning off fat and have improved your fitness, so it’s worth taking this into account.

Photos- Photos can also show us the big difference that we might have achieved by change in posture and girth ! When you change your routine and start to be healthier, your body will go through a lot of changes. It can redistribute weight to other areas, alter its shape or simply get smaller, all of which can happen without your weight changing too dramatically and that will be visible on images.

So Check yourself on these parameters instead of fretting over weigh scale!

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