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Hi friends ,

as we are approaching or already around our 40s the greatest favour we can do on ourselves is getting full body check ups .the 21 st century superwoman too needs that data to declare all is well!
The greatest benefit of an annual physical is that it lays down the baseline for your health for both you and your Dr. The deviations from these will indicate the abnormalities leading to risk factors.
Ladies , along with the routine weight , blood pressure  checks .. mammography and pap smears are of extreme importance . They are indicative of cellular changes which may result in malignancy . There is  a proverb ‘a stitch in time saves nine ‘ here it  will save us with timely detection and treatment against breast and other  cancers .Timely detection is the only chance to fight back this dread.

The ECG, Stress test, 2D Echo  record cardiac health. These tests indicate the condition of heart . The stress and unhealthy lifestyle has  started  showing it’s ugly impact in younger people dying of heart attacks. checking heart condition will help to avoid this life scare .

The  blood tests which are significant  are
CBC( complete blood Count)
lFT( liver function test)
RFT( Renal Function Test)
Blood Sugar ( Diebetes .. A slow killer)
Cholesterol , Triglyceride
Serum Uric Acid  (to diagnose Gout)
Serum Calcium
HIV , HbsAg, RA test ( Rheumatic Arthritis )
Some may need to do Thyroid tests also . It’s observed and statistically proven that many perimenopausal women are suffering with thyroid problems.

One more most common deficiency seen is of Vit D . The Indian fixation of whiter skins is causing this . We try to keep away from sun , use Sun Blocks . Also desks jobs make it easier to be away from sun .. When the sun’s UV-B rays hit the skin, a reaction takes place that enables skin cells to manufacture vitamin D . Thus no sun …  no Vit D which will cause disturbance in Calcium Absorption . Our country doesn’t have VitD fortified products , so dietary source is also not available to us. Thus eventhough India is a tropical country most of us are Vit D deficient .

Many hospitals and Diagnostic centres now give  complete health screening packages . It is advisable to do complete health check ups every year . This will give us a true picture of our health and ring  an alarm for possible health threats . It will result in intervention  and precaution .
Ladies this is the phase in our life when we are not  old , we can still enjoy and get everything from life provided  we keep it healthy . Diabetes, cardiac issues , cancers are easily controllable /reversible if and only if detected in time . So friends pledge that you will do your health checkups every year to enjoy a long and healthy life . Consult your physician and opt for a suitable test combination and please gift yourself a sound health with annual health check ups .

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