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Overeating ;:
Have you come across anybody who boasts about their limitless eating prowess? Don’t get intimidated by them as, excepting awestruck glances from onlookers, overeating does more harm to the body than good.

A well balanced diet is needed by the body. Proper nutrition is very important to maintaining a healthy body and mind. The body requires over 40 essential nutrients to function properly, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein and carbohydrates.
In addition to the quality of nutrients consumed, the body must also maintain a certain quantity of food .Your body only needs a certain amount of calories which are used as a fuel for daily energetic functioning. But when one takes in more calories than needed, they are directly stored as fat in the body.

Some people overeat just to overcome boredom or some indulge in overeating because of emotional issues. Some use food to tackle stress. While for some, Emotional mood swings like anger, sadness, distress, disappointment or betrayal makes them eat a lot more than they realize.
In any case overeating brings in all the unwanted calories. The nutritional balance goes berserk. Usually these binging foods are high on fats and sugar so obviously they harm body in many ways as follows ;

1)Weight gain, obesity and obesity related issues increase.
2) chances of Hypertension and Diabetes increase.
3) High cholesterol and related cardiac issues.
4) Lethargy, Tiredness, depression and Body image issues.
5) Nutritional Deficiencies and problems related to it .
These all definitely bring down the quality of life.
Overeating or giving in for those temptations will disrupt the nutritional balance needed by the body . The body gets saturated with harmful and unwanted foods which will ultimately deprive body,of necessary nutrients . The end result is malnutrition. Oh don’t be aghast ..
Overnutrition and thus lack of necessary nutrients is a form of malnutrition.
Yes one must eat everything wisely but in moderation.
Simple tricks to avoid overeating are shown in this picture here .


So my friends always think about all this before giving in to those tastebuds !!!

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