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Hey friends Don’t u think dimpled butts look cute on babies ? Yes…
but not on us ….. These are due to cellulite. You are not alone almost all the women.. fat n slim , tall n short , fair n dark …everybody face this problem . For some it may show only after u stretch certain area but for some it may be visible to naked eyes also … Albeit not men … They are genetically blessed in this department to.

Cellulite is a dimpled skin that appears mainly on thighs, butts but on belly and arms too …
If you see these images you will understand the cellulite properly . When underlying fat cells try n push through connective tissue of the skin it gives it a dimpled appearance . Men do not face this much because they have thicker outer skin ( so now u know why they do or do not react to certain issues .. Pun intended) which prevents fat from bulging out.
skin 2
It’s purely a cosmetic problem not a disease or a disorder but it may start showing as early as 20 s but it mainly hits as we cross 30s .. The causes can be
1 ) genetic
2) age
3) Inactive lifestyle – those who are sitting for longer time
4) Yo Yo Diet
5) Excessively High Carbohydrate Diet
6) Smoking
7) excess Fat Deposition
8) Hormone imbalance
9)Fluid Retention
10) wearing very tight clothes
With so many different causes cellulite is lil difficult to get rid off .. but not totally unachievable.
Eating right (Essential foods to 30s to 50s) n proper exercises (Suryanamaskar-A complete Workout and Classic Aerobics) as I have already posted in my earlier blogs will guide you to know how to eat n exercise better. Dedicated hip, thigh leg workouts will ease away the underlying fat cells . Most effective will be a leg circuit workout which will target the cellulite n give smoother n shapely legs . You can call me up anytime to get your circuit workout.

There are many different Anti – Cellulite creams available in Market …I can not guarantee the results as I have never used it but one can try …
Many cosmetic treatments including lipomassages, radiotherapy , liposuction etc are also used in extreme cases but we can try few home remedies.

Dry Skin Brushing- It’s quite effective against cellulite problem . Not only does it buff away dead skin, but it’s fantastic at boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage, and ultimately ridding the body of toxins.
Some say Lymphatic drainage massages are also effective as they help in getting rid of toxins . A congested lymphatic system as it doesn’t have a pump of it’s own can cause excess of water n fat retention . But you should try these under proper medical attention .

Let’s go back to dry skin brushing
It’s pretty simple .. Ideally practised before bath when skin is bare n dry you can use a brush ( bristles can be natural n not very hard n synthetic) and brush your skin towards heart making long sweeps not circular , rubbing motion there are many videos showing the techniques across the Internet .

Coconut oil /Almond oil massage-
Take coconut or almond oil , a massage brush n apply n massage it on affected area for 5 min . Do it daily .

Coffee scrub- this seems to be most popular remedy all over the world . Mix coffee grounds with warm water ( can add olive oil too) n scrub it on affected area for 5 to 10 min in soft circular ( not too hard too peel away your ski) twice per week .

So you see there are many ways to remedy this cellulite problem . You can choose your answer to this after proper guidance . But a little discipline and healthy lifestyle is answer to cellulite !

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  • saniya vaidya:

    wow some amazing facts and remedies you have given.you are spreading your knowlege to so many out there who really need it kiddos

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