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Hey friends ,

Here on this blog I have tried to give you tips about the prevention or care that we need to take when in our 40s . Now I am trying to give you a series of posts where different experts will tell us about issues faced in 40s and remedies for those .

The first article in this seriesis by Dr Kavita Seth who is a nail care expert to many Bollywood stars . Hope you find it useful !

This blog writing started at a point in my life when i felt i am the only one who is suffering through Hormone imbalances , newer physical difficulties and emotional issues all thanks to those Formidable 40s .. But as you all started reading it and giving me feedback i realized i am not the only one who is facing formidable 40 s , each is battling this in their own way … Some had already faced Menopause , some had to go Hysterectomies or some have even gone through unwanted pregnancies … But it’s still a very beautiful time in our lives where we are still YOUNG yet relatively settled in our lives emotionally and Financially …






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